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I picked up a moderately played rainbow charizard from burning shadows the other day for 99usd after tax.

I don't play the game and only collect, and I recently learned this card will rotate out of standard soon.

What do you guys think its financial value would look like post rotation? I understand most cards tank in price since competitive demand is lost. But being the first rainbow charizard, I don't know how much of that demand is driven by the collectors.
Basically, I'm wondering if I should get rid of this while it's still hot and pick it up later after the price cools down. And that's if it does go down at all.
That particular Charizard has seen basically 0 play since it was released, so I don't know how much it'll actually drop in value. We haven't really had many secret rare Charizards. The secret rare from Plasma Storm still fetches $95 for market price on TCGPlayer. Moderately played ones are listed on TCGPlayer for significantly more than what you paid (like $40-$60 more).

Given Charizard is popular, your safest bet may be to hang onto it.