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    For some reason, I typed title with an accented way of saying "Ello!" yet it didn't get typed like that... Odd... Anyways, I am Koyan, technically a new user, although I made an account a while ago. :3 I'm a long time player of Pokemon Games, having owned and beaten Pokemon yellow to the point where I could literally (Not to be confused with figuratively) do nothing else to keep my attention. Then, Gold and silver came out... And the rest is history! I think...

    Sorry... I tend to go off on tirades... Anyways...

    I plan on being semi-active, and most likely hitting the refresh button every 3 seconds for the next three days... Which is generally my routine with forums. I own every generation of games, including a few hard copies of hacks... Which I bought when I went to the Philippines for 5 weeks... Crap... I'm going off on another Tirade... This is why I can't use Twitter... 140 Characters? Not happening. For the benifit of the "tl;dr" people, I say this:

    Hi! I'm new!
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