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So we've got the main articles (general information about Essentials), and a section for tutorials (for custom scripts, etc.). What else do you want?

There are two other things that could be incorporated into the wiki: games and resources.

For games, each one would have a few pages for various bits of information about that game. Off the top of my head, this would include a title page which basically advertises it (and has download links if appropriate), an in-depth features list, and a walkthrough page or so. It would be so much easier to read the information there than trawl through a thread looking for "dev comments", and you can make it look very nice too. On the other hand, if we let just anyone make a set of pages for their half-baked ideas, we'd be overrun by them. Is the wiki even a suitable place for these projects?

For resources, there is a tricky line here between the genuine resources (e.g. drastic kit modifications, standalone updated PBS files/script files) and the not-so-genuine ones (e.g. a charset, perhaps tilesets also count). Where would the line be drawn? What would be allowed, and what wouldn't?

What do you think? Would you like to see either of these sections, or perhaps even something else? Please share your thoughts.
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