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    (OOC: No problem! :P I understand hehe.)

    Damion seemed more perturbed at the girl raising a rock in attack to him. He glared at the girl for a second and then directed his attention to the one on the ground and checking her vitals. "Ignorant girl! You have no idea what happened and you think I'M the bad guy." he thought to himself.

    "Go ahead and attack if you want, but I have to warn you, if you do you will probably get hurt." He said as he finished making sure the girl on the ground was still okay, not even looking at the other girl. His wounds were now a bit more visible as trails of blood had seeped down his arms, leg and one side of his face. Some of the feint streams were from wounds that had reopened from Damion overexerting himself so quickly. Damion staggered to his feet, leaning heavy to one side that seemed weaker from the wreck.

    "This girl is alright, she just needs her rest." Returning a stern look to the girl who seemed to have slightly lowered the rock in her hand. "She and her Pokémon were attacked by a wild Pikachu. Her Cyndaquil selflessly took the first Thunderbolt. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get here fast enough to prevent her from taking the second." He said with a somber tone in his voice looking in the direction of the Cyndaquil. "If you want to help you could tend to her Pokémon." As he pointed to the area where the Cyndaquil was, he started collecting the girl, picked her up and gently put her over his shoulder.
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