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For such a good-looking first post (and a kickass subject matter to boot), why is this club in the brink of one-month extinction?
Joining! Whee~

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Answer current topic:
How far would you go to protect someone that you met in a virtual world, whether it be a good friend or a love interest?
It really depends on the situation. If it were an online game like ALO, then I'd treat it regardless of whether I met that person in a virtual world or not, because I really do cherish good friends that I make especially because it's pretty rare for me to even truly consider a person as a good friend. So in that situation, I'll protect them to the extent of my ability, especially if they can only rely on my protection. I guess I'm just like that, and I'd definitely feel that way when the situation rises.

However, something as disturbing as the SAO world might make me think otherwise. The stakes are higher, and when it considers life and death, there really isn't a gray area in between. You either live or die. And in that case, it would be very unlikely for me to risk my life for someone. I might say I don't care if I met them online or not, but I would still take into account how much I really know and care about that person.

Anyway, Episode 21! What did you guys think about it?

episode 21 spoilers
I really don't know what to feel about the love triangle drama. But I do like Suguha a lot! And I loved Asuna back in Aincrad, and I'm glad that she hasn't lost her spunk with her recent jailbreak. The scene with Asuna and the slug scientists really creeped me out though. Can't wait to see what happens to her (or to Kirito's mad attempt to fly up to her detected location) in the next episode. Hopefully they'll no longer neglect her or Kirito's supposed sense of urgency to save her like they did in Episode 19.