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I'm someone who goes after the grass-type starters first. My first impression of Chespin was...not so well. To me it looks like a tanned Dewott in a Snivy costume. I'm still trying to figure out why it has some kind of hat on its head. Or whatever it is. As I am posting this, it is starting to grow on me. It's typical at first, but I'll give it time.

Fennekin is just simply ADORABLE. I like foxes, and Fennekin might just beat out my other favorite fox Pokemon Ninetales & Vulpix. I'm really curious about this Pokemon's later evolutions. I hope it's majestic, and I REALLY hope it doesn't turn out to be a fire-fighting starter, or I will be disappoint.

I'm not a fan of Froakie, so I'll be staying away from that Pokemon. It's a huge disapointment from last generation when we had Oshawott. I hope this Pokemon has a good evolution line, then we'll talk. :P
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