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Before the events of the three games, there was only one timeline. In it, the Sandslash in RR was supposed to die, but the group couldn't accept that and instead created their own path, which then created a branch timeline; a false timeline.

LoG and the dream sequence were set in the false timeline. Another branched timeline was created after the player managed to defeat Zah in the Dragon Castle.

The destroyed Gento in LoG is not the same in RoL, because the RoL game took place in the 'original' timeline. (But once again, the player in RoL created another branched timeline where the region wasn't destroyed by Blitz and Shadow Lugia.) (Palkia took the RoL player to the LoG timeline.)

Go-Getters is a Rescue Team, a group of Pokémon helping out other Pokémon around the region of Hevah.
Thanks, but

The Sandslash in RR has been there in the first place? Which group of individuals could not accept his death?

Was the dream sequence set in the future of the false timeline? Does this create itself as a branched timeline or does it get wiped after LoG protag fixes everything?

The original timeline of RoL is supposedly destroyed and its protag was transferred to the false timeline-DBZ style? Why was Blitz even villainous?

Is the possessed Sandslash or the rock pyramid Jagold? Also, who actually is the Jagold in RoL?

The person who caught Angeallen in Gento, which in turn set all hell loose in Hevah, was RoL's protagonist all along?

How did RR protag go from human to Pokémon? Is he/she the cause of the false timeline or was he/she just transferred there?

Is BT no longer canon? Which RoL is canon, again? Or is new RoL a new timeline? Damn it, my head's exploding.