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The Sandslash in RR has been there in the first place? Which group of individuals could not accept his death?
The Sandslash was one of the human-turned-PKMN friends of the RR player. Those group would be the humans-turned-PKMN group.

Was the dream sequence set in the future of the false timeline? Does this create itself as a branched timeline or does it get wiped after LoG protag fixes everything?
Yes, and yes, another branched timeline was created.

The original timeline of RoL is supposedly destroyed and its protag was transferred to the false timeline-DBZ style? Why was Blitz even villainous?
Yes, it was supposed to be destroyed by Blitz, but the RoL player stopped that from happening. The RoL player was not transferred to the false timeline; just visited. Blitz was controlled by the darkness (Zah's influence) within Shadow Lugia.

Is the possessed Sandslash or the rock pyramid Jagold? Also, who actually is the Jagold in RoL?
Jagold was the Sandslash in RR, and that weird red-hooded spirit thing in RoL. (It's my character within the game, and the rock pyramid was me, as a joke.)

The person who caught Angeallen in Gento, which in turn set all hell loose in Hevah, was RoL's protagonist all along?
In the original timeline, yes. In the false timeline (LoG), it was Blitz.

How did RR protag go from human to Pokémon? Is he/she the cause of the false timeline or was he/she just transferred there?
The RR protag and their friends suddenly found themselves in the PKMN world, transformed as PKMN. They have no clue how or why, fitting the PKMN Mystery Dungeon theme that was really popular at the time of the game's creation. And yes, they were the cause of the false timeline.

Is BT no longer canon? Which RoL is canon, again? Or is new RoL a new timeline?
BT is cancelled. You could say it's no longer canon. As for RoL, not sure on that as there's a high chance of me cancelling it as well. Too busy in real life at the moment...

I’m playing the old version of ROL
1. I’ve caught every legendary except celebi (including angaellean). I’ve gone through bug forest multiple times from rentelbud but it never approaches me
2. I saw blitz at he elite four and then I went to tabulii and met him again and then I went to trick house. Is there somewhere else I’m supposed to meet him or is he gone for good
3. There is a pair of cave entrances to the west of rentelbud that are inaccessible. Is it just a mistake or is there a way to get there.
The old RoL is buggy and full of events that used flags that were used in-game, so there will be legendaries not appearing.

I forgot if Blitz will have other appearances.

Do you mean where the waterfall is? It's just for aesthetics.