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*deliberately places aircraft in unrecoverable flight regime*

Congratulations, This Character Has Earned Serious Respect.

Oh and that Skarmory, would it happen to be inspired by a certain character from bobandbill's Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum?

Back to Bond, I kinda have this fantasy where he stole a better aircraft at the military base instead of just refueling the heli. And by "a better aircraft" I mean an AC-130 Spectre or equivalent. Then you'd have a Spectre crewed by spectres, hehe

Although I guess having Pokemon reduces incentive for the military to acquire gunships... and of course Cyrus would probably bring SAMs if they did.

“And we're looking at more than a hundred.”
There are exactly 300 Absol.

“My name is Bond, madam,” he said. “Gabriel Bond.

At this point I would like to remind you of the prediction I committed by md5 hash earlier, because I think we will soon see whether it is correct or not.

I would also like to ask if you listened to Drifen yet, and if you have figured out what it is that First Contact, Morphic, and The Thinking Man's Guide to Destroying the World have in common.