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Hey, I'm that guy who was making the Fire Red hack, The Legend of Zelda: Sacred Paradox.

The hack's been dead for a while, and the version I released previously was very buggy and honestly partially unplayable unless you read the instructions I left with the patch.
Anyways, I've picked the project back up again, and I'm trying to play this a little smarter this time. Which is why for now, I'm just calling it PROJECT ZELDAMON.

As was said in the last post of the original thread, I want to get a team together this time around.
This hack is very ambitious as it's pretty much an overhaul of all of the graphics, maps and music of the original engine, with the need for all-new handmade Pokemon sprites for the Zelda monsters.

There is already a Discord set up with a few members, which is where the majority of coordination will be handled.


Realistically, pretty much everything. Looking for real Zelda fans who are passionate about the series above all else.
If you're a mapper, maybe you could help with dungeon designs.
If you're a spriter, we need plenty of monsters.
If you're an artist but not a sprite artist, you could help draw up front and backsprite designs we can later convert into sprites.
If you're a composer, maybe you can come up with some new Zelda tunes.
If you're a writer, maybe you could help flesh out the plot.
If you're a good programmer, you'll be invaluable to this team.

You don't necessarily have to fit the mold of any of the above jobs to help out. Just let me know what you're good at and we can figure something out.

At this time, however, we're NOT LOOKING FOR BETA TESTERS.

Currently the team is just me and ShinyDragonHunter who is contributing to the music.

Just post here or head directly over to the Discord to let us know what you want to help with!