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A Simple Question:
Would anyone be interested in playing a tabletop roleplay based on a story here?

This is more or less a question for the folks who enjoy RP's here.

One-too-many a time I've seen my own RP stories fall... More or less they've either been Earth and Sky or my distant-labeled cursed books games. Two of them I've written out a personal endings and everyone has been roughly in limbo or life for those who have joined mine.

So I've been wondering about something a bit more active; hosting a tabletop game, roughly in the same vein as Dungeons and Dragons. Players can hop into a session live when we have date's scheduled, they can play out their character's, have faster reactions and the story of the party; I would post either here to the stage or over to the writer's corner.

How Would I Pull This Off?:
There are tabletop programs, software and so on that can help accomplish this. There are some free, some that need money and some that require a little patience. Anyone willing to join to give a one-shot campaign a try, I'll be setting things up for network play and taking care of the hard work load getting things setup. The players would just need to show-up, generate character stats or for the one shot, pick a character.

What is the story?:
Well, I have 4 stories in mind I'll be offering to run.

The first and second being; Earth and Sky: Beyond and Earth and Sky Origin. Re-breathing new life in these stories but at a more active pace. Folks can choose to go back to Lethia or go to Ignea.

For these, I intend to use PokeRole;

The third, I don't have a title for, but it's going to be a bit more contemporary like you would see in Earthbound, but set inside of a video-game-like world. This will be a short series and finish out before the year ends or early 2020.

I'll be incorporating 'OVA' from Wise Turtle:
Before I get any frets about needing to buy the book; I'll be getting the PDF to pass out for this game and setting up your characters

The fourth and last story is going to be Emberwind; this, I will admit, is not a story I've written, It's a pre-made campaign with it's own rules.
This campaign is 'Skies of Arcadia' meet's 'Lord of the Rings.' A group of noblemen are struggling to stay in control one of the remaining great flying cities and keep the governmental power out of a certain merchant who has the ability to lead the people away from the brink of disaster. You as the players can affect what happens.

We'll be using Emberwinds own system; and before anyone start's to panic, this system is actually far more easier to understand and it's a lot easier to get started, infact, this is one game system that doesn't NEED a game master, the game master can join the players, if anything, the GM will be playing the part of the narrator. I've picked up the game's PDF and like before, I'll pass out a player handbook to generate your characters if we curve off here, there are also pre-generated characters for kicks just to jump in which if we run a one-shot here, we may be using them.

There is a huge difference between a forum Roleplay and a live-action Roleplay. That you have to be there to participate instead of writing out longer-more-controlled novel posts. I can understand there's a lot of folks who would prefer the slow writing style of physical post's mostly because they don't time in the day. Which, again, is fine. I want to try to invite folks to try something new and at least finish a story so they don't end up as what I would reference as an 'abandoned world.'

Where will we be playing? IN LIFE ORDIGITAL?!
Well, That depends on the player's. IF everyone has a copy of Tabletop Simulator, about $20 in USD, There's a good chance I'll be running the Earth and Sky Stories there if there's an interest for this.

If there are player's who can't afford that; There are free platforms available and I can help get them setup; one of these platform will take a little time, but if it plays out well, players on tablet's, phones, even PC's will be able to hop in and play together; and it's not Roll 20.... Though If I have too, I'll setup the campaign with roll 20 if I have too.

If this topic get's moved to video games, I can understand or even tabletops, but this is something I want to ask the RP community. If they want to try their hand at an active story and world to finish something once more.