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    None :(

    Basically you start of as a young boy/girl with your partner pokemon Riolu, you wake up and your mum comes up to tell you where Riolu is basically and to fix her watch(stupid i know), you go outside to look for Riolu and find he is with your rival who tells you to go and get your pokedex from professor Birch.
    Once you visit him he says that he has to go off to the Solain ruins and you follow him. When you get there he finds a mysterious piece of pink flesh wound at the alter in the shrine cave and he brings it back to the lab to be annalised.....
    ths is where your story begins...

    Team Rocket Plot...
    Team Rocket have, came back from their disasterous fall, with a new and evil plot....
    They plan on creating clones of the strongest Pokemon in the whole region of ''Manik'' or the Protectors. But in order to do so they needed an extremely strong pokemon, and so Mewtwo was created. Now all that was left was to awaken and capture the Protectors, using Mewtwo they were indeed successful...
    But will you stop their master plan...

    +Some sinnoh Pokemon
    +All new tiles
    +all new overworlds???
    +all new characters
    +new and fun sidequests
    +capturable kanto & johto legendaries
    +completely new pokedex
    +new graphics


    +ehh, me :)
    +Hydrargirium(indy look tiles)

    +Demo 1: 70%(need an overworld spriter)


    More welcome...

    +overworld spriter
    +trainer spriter
    +Graphics inserter
    +Titlescreen maker
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