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Wobbuffet never really caught my attention. If you're fast and catch him before Safeguard, you could Toxic him and then Substitute, then waste time boosting your stats with Calm Mind, Swords Dance, or whatever until you could finish Wobbuffet off and anything else that shows up with one attack, regardless of what screens Wobbuffet threw up.
And I considered Dugtrio to be too risky as a trapper. If you can't deal with a Shellder hitting you with Surf or Ice Shard 2 times, are you really a good trapper or just a fast glass sword?

I prefer the newer trappers that have shown up in Gen 4 and 5 like Gothitelle and Magnezone, Magnezone and Probopass especially because they could ruin Skarm's whole reason for being just by switching in.

I love Gen 3 with all my heart, but the newer gens brought better trappers that are much more useful at doing what they are supposed to do.