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    Meta Knight vs. Sonic Atleast Sonic Isn't BROKEN!! >:(
    Peach vs. Ness Love his Back Air, F-Air, and Neutral B. :D
    Pikachu vs. Link Pikachu is Fun to Play as in SSB with his Back Air but i ain't Spamachu but for those who are Deserve a SMACK!!! >:(
    Diddy Kong vs. Ganondorf Melee Ganon is SOOO FUN!!!
    Bowser vs. Samus I like Samus in her Power Suit. :D
    Ice Climbers vs. Marth This One is So Awesome with his Shield Breaker,Forward Air,Down Air, and Forward B. :D
    Zero Suit Samus vs. Sheik I like Her Better than Zelda. :D
    Falco vs. Mario Falco is So Cool with his Short-Hop Double Laser and His Backflip! >:)
    Kirby vs. Snake This Guy has Projectile, Some Strength, and Some Speed! >:)
    Ike vs. Fox This One Is SO Powerful! One Swing of that Sword can Send Anyone Flying! :D
    Lamp Shall Conquer the Galaxy! For those Who believe Lamp is there New Lord then Post this on your Sig and I Shall give you Pennies oh wait...They're Extinct! Hah! XD
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