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Hopefully someone can chime in with a better/less hacky way, but I'm pretty confident you could wrangle something by using pbDisplay (I think that's what it's called—check what the moves/abilities use to say things) to talk to the player. You'd introduce a global switch that's on during the tutorial battle, and put pbDisplay calls in the battle system when you detect situations that warrant a message (you'll probably also want to prevent those messages from being displayed again); you can look at how berries and items trigger to have an idea about how to write checks for those situations.

Or maybe you'll want to detect those situations after all the other end-of-turn effects happen.

In any case I guess you'd end up with something a little like:

if SWITCH && !@said_snag && foe.hp < (foe.totalhp/2)
  pbDisplay("Now, snag it!")
  @said_snag = true
(Except that this code almost certainly doesn't work since I haven't bothered to actually look at Essentials)