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A/N: Many thanks go to SS for allowing me to use elements of his SpiritRavemon description and his attacks. SpiritRavemon is, of course, the fake Warp DNA Digivolution of Agumon and Biyomon. Credit goes to SS for allowing me to use his fight scene between SpiritRavemon and Majiramon.

And just so people are aware of this issue, one of my friends believes that Omnimon is still a Mega level Digimon, but I do not agree. Why? Because I read somewhere on the internet that Master level Digimon exist; Omnimon and SpiritRavemon qualify for that level as far as I’m concerned.

Chapter 14: Heart’s Chessboard

Davis immediately glared at the black-haired girl. “What the hell did you do to him?” he demanded, looking furious, just as the others did. Without thinking, Wizardmon’s staff trained on the female. That grin was too much like Sean’s, too much like a murderous smile. Gatomon hissed and raised her claws threateningly. Kari was pale, feeling vaguely ill. What is it... there’s something completely wrong with her, like her soul’s gone.

Jonathan was quick to try and diffuse the situation. “Davis, wait a minute. Calm down.”

Kiri pointed and Renamon moved to place the Digi-Destined down on the earth. Then she looked right back, gaze directed towards Jonathan, who drew back. “Just like you to jump to my defence. Or maybe you want to kill me yourself?” She shook her head. “Nah, you’re too soft for that.”

“I happen to remember that I risked my life for you, you *****. So don’t be so hasty in calling me soft. And in that regard, neither you nor your friends thanked me for it. So who’s the cowardly one now?” Jonathan shot back.

Kiri laughed. “Nope, we didn’t. I’d say sorry, but really who asked you to be a stupid fool to assume risking your life means you’re important? You did that because you wanted me to trust you, to follow you to death. Why the hell would I do something as pathetic as that?” She laughed. “You don’t deserve anyone’s help. Besides, you have no right to call me coward. You keep denying the crazy, you’re scared of it. It’s why you’re weak.” She glanced at the unconscious computer genius and for a moment, pity flickered in her eyes. It faded abruptly. “Just like him. You can’t accept your imperfection.”

Kari was still shaking, despite T.K.’s soothing hand on her shoulder. “So why?”

Kiri turned to her, looking interested. “Why what?”

“Why did you save him then?”

Kiri's eyes gave her a look of cool calm. “Your kind aren’t supposed to be where I was. If I hadn’t seen him, he would be in the Dark Ocean by now.”

“Wait, what? Izzy was succumbing?” Jonathan almost demanded.

“Do you know what that means about him then? When I found him, he didn’t want to go back. When I found him, he wanted to be alone. It doesn’t seem like your “strong” ties of friendship are very good, are they? It seems like everyone wants to be alone, to suffer alone. I wonder why...”

“I’m afraid that’s none of your business,” Jonathan answered harshly.

Blair screamed blue murder and stomped right over to Kiri, slapping her on the face. She agreed with Jonathan. What business was it of hers? Jack twitched and made as if to go over and prevent any more violence, but Jonathan shook his head. Let her go, his expression said. She needs to vent.

“Just what are you going on about, Kiri?” Jack submitted to Jonathan's leadership and turned the focus back on Renamon’s partner. “You’re Digi-Destined, like us, so please do tell us what you’re raving about now?”

Kiri gave a strange, soft smile from the blow. “I guess I deserved that,” she admitted, causing Blair to draw back in alarm. “I probably pried too far. But I wouldn’t do it again. Next time I’ll break your hand.” She looked at Renamon, whose expression was stony, glaring at Blair with a familiar feral gleam. “Leave it Renamon,” she ordered quietly.

The Digimon attempted to protest. “But they’re just-” Another smile and this one caused Renamon to fall silent.

“I know. But there’s nothing we can do, is there? After all, I’m mad and raving, aren’t I? They say I’m a Digi-Destined, but they don’t mean it, do they?” She turned back to Jonathan. “You really don’t know. You really don’t know what happened to this world, to any worlds."

“Now what are you talking about?” he groaned, feeling pure exasperation.

“Be patient. I’m probably not supposed to say anything at all. He is quite determined to keep you in the dark.” Pain ripped through her arm and back and she grit her teeth. I know, I know. You don’t have to keep reminding me. “It doesn’t matter that I’m a Digi-Destined. I’m not one of you. That thing, that key thing that would bond us, would link us... it’s gone.” Her eyes widened, face paling. Mist flickered. “You all are still completely human!” I’m not like you morons. Can’t you see it yet? Can’t you see you’re still whole?

“No, Kiri,” Renamon begged. “No, don’t you...”

Kiri gave a tired, bleary grin at them all, grey gaze full of mockery and fury. “Be right back.” She took a step backward... and vanished.

Everyone was floored with surprise and disbelief. “What the hell just happened?” Blair snapped. Renamon simply watched the point, awaiting her return.

“This is impossible! The Gates are closed according to Izzy! Where did she go? She couldn’t have left the Digital World!” Yolei exclaimed.

Renamon replied: “Yes, she did. She defied it.”

Kiri reappeared again; face very strained, as though she had just run a great distance. She coughed and shook, her body still fuzzed at the edge.

“I told you not to,” Renamon scolded, hurrying to her side.

“I’m fine,” her human replied dully, grey eyes glazed and focused elsewhere.

“You’re not fine,” Renamon fretted, feeling that fading sensation that always made her stomach churn. “You’re losing it all over again. Why do you overwork yourself?”

Kiri said nothing, forcing herself to straighten. Turning to them, she whispered, “Do you understand yet?”

“Understand what?” Tai snapped, feeling an anger that he did not feel was his own. “What the hell are you trying to tell us? Spit it out already!”

Kiri shook her head, too tired to let the crazy flow. “I can’t,” she whispered. “He’s determined for us not to tell. That man, he won’t let us, even though you need to know, he won’t let us tell you anything.”

“Did you really come here just to talk in riddles?” Cody asked, feeling like the only calm one in this situation.

Kiri shook her head. “I just came to give him to you. I have no ulterior motive.”

“Then why haven’t you left?”

“Because your kind aren’t ready for what’s to come. You will be swallowed as you are, as peaceful and naive as you are.” She scoffed quietly. “What’s that like I wonder...?”

“We’ve fought and killed more than you I bet!” Davis snapped. “We’ve saved the world from all kinds of threats! You’re still alive because of us!” He wasn’t proud, but he felt disgusted that a girl close to his age was treating him like he was below her.

Kiri simply smiled. “Interesting,” she said darkly. “But have you witnessed a war, have you fought in it, have you nearly died?

“We destroyed Apocalymon, MaloMyotismon, and Diaboromon twice over! Not to mention the Dark Masters! We’ve been in more wars than you can claim!” Matt raised his voice. “We risked our lives almost every day to defeat our enemies.”

Kiri scoffed. “Those aren’t wars: those are battles. Those aren’t pain. That’s just a taste.” She looked at Matt and a wild gleam flickered back into her dead eyes. “You were one of the ones who lost their way. It was painful, right? But were you ever dragged there?” Her tone became one of a mad fanatic. “Did you ever have to watch as the ones you loved were taken from you? Did you have to go into hiding just so an enemy wouldn’t slit your throat and carry your worthless carcass like a flag? Were you ever held ransom by a monster?”

She rolled up her left sleeve, revealing ugly slash marks across her arm. Everyone winced, even Blair, who felt a familiar pain against her eye. They looked like whip marks and terrible bites. “Disturbing, right? There’s worse on my back and chest. It’s what happens when you fight in a true war. It’s what happens when you become a “soldier” at seven.” She gave Kari an almost sympathetic look and mouthed a solemn sorry before continuing.

“Was a part of yourself ever ripped out of you during your fights? Have you felt that, Matt Ishida? Have you been left behind with no one to help you? Have you ever killed with your own hands to save your insignificant life?” She glared at them all. “You know nothing of your predecessors, nothing of the worlds. I fought Digimon before I knew what they were. My destiny was torn to pieces and rebuilt by that “guardian” of yours!”

Suddenly, she paused and laughed. “Oops, sorry Gennai, I think I said too much. You don’t want them to know, do you? You don’t want them to know how many lives you destroyed. Cowardly bastard. At least Baihumon admitted to screwing up.”

T.K. clenched a fist at her. “How dare you insult him like that? He practically gave you Renamon!”

Kiri gave a dismissive little shake of the head. “No, he nearly took away Renamon six years ago, when everything...” she trailed off. “I’ve already said too much for his liking. Ask Gennai, but he likely won’t tell you what you need to hear. He doesn’t treat the Digi-Destined very well.” She grimaced. “Not that he can treat you well anymore.”

Jonathan spoke up. “Like Jack said, you’re Digi-Destined. You can’t ignore your destiny, Kiri, no matter what you try to do.” He paused, noticing Izzy’s fingers beginning to twitch.

The female shook her head. “I guess,” she replied quietly. “You really do think in black and white. I can’t trust you, any of you. You’ll get him killed. You’ll get them killed.”

“Don’t think you’ll stay on the path of Darkness forever, Ryutori. The Digimon living in the Digital World do not want another Digimon Emperor. You’ve heard of that tale I take it, Renamon?” Jonathan asked of the fox. Jonathan and Blair believed Kiri was “falling” and they wanted to let Renamon know that, if she had known in the beginning that she was being partnered to a “possible” Emperor type human, she was to leave as soon as possible.

Having stomped back to Jonathan’s side, Blair whipped her head halfway to sideways look at Kiri and her fox-like partner. “She should have! Damn fox’s been alive for a while, so she would have heard of the Digimon Emperor’s malice! And if she hasn’t, then she’s obviously been living under a rock for the last the twelve months!” She burst into a sarcastic, mocking laugh which was aimed directly at Renamon’s sense of honour.

The yellow fox splayed her arms in a defensive anger, similar to what she had done when Jonathan pushed Kiri out of the way of Sealsdramon’s attack, and opened her mouth to speak.

But Jack got in first. “Kiri, I think you and your partner should leave now. You’ve done enough damage and, to be honest, I don’t think Jonathan will welcome you, Sean or Luca back into the fold. He might, I don’t know. Now, go.” The former American Digi-Destined pointed away from the group. Behind him, Jonathan, Blair, Tai and Matt had gathered around Izzy, who was still half out of it.

“Hey Izzy, you okay?” Tai asked gently, resisting the urge to shake him. That would probably make things worse. “Izzy?”

“Cold,” muttered the computer genius. “The edge was cold. Worse there. I’m lucky.”

“What’s he-” Blair started, but Jonathan interrupted her.

“No,” was all he said. Turning to Izzy, he added: “Are you talking about the Dark Ocean?”

Izzy didn’t seem to hear. “Why did she do it? I didn’t want... I don’t want... it was cold but the miracle, it was there. Our kind are in danger from that place.” He shuddered. “The edge, it was just the edge; there would have been no way out. So how am I free?”

Jonathan looked worriedly at Tai. Is he talking about Mimi AND Kiri? His expression asked.

Tai looked at him solemnly. “It’s a possibility. Izzy... he cared for Mimi very much. Whether it went anywhere or not, I can’t say. For the second one, I’m guessing he knows as much as we do. Which means, next to nothing.”

Blair turned and stared wide-eyed at Jack, who seemed totally carefree after his statement to Kiri. “Jack, what the hell are you doing? This isn’t the time for HANDSTANDS!”

“Come on, Jack, focus,” Sora scolded. “This is a serious situation we’re in right now.”

Performing a tricky manoeuvre, Jack righted himself and grinned sheepishly, before looking at the ground. “Uhh... sorry, Sora.”

“How dare you accuse her of that?” Renamon nearly roared, eyes full of pure hatred, unaffected by the American Digi-Destined’s indifferent demeanour. How dare they? How dare they insult her partner in such a manner? Her own honour be damned, they had no right whatsoever! She would tear them apart, even if she was outnumbered and tired! “I know my partner! I trust Kiriko! You are insulting Wormmon’s sacrifice! He stayed there because he believed in his partner and I will do the same. How dare you assume the darkness is always evil you-” Renamon’s fury was quelled by her partner, who sighed again.

Davis yelled: “Insulting Wormmon’s sacrifice?! Jonathan’s doing nothing of the sort! He’s merely warning Kiri-”

Yolei placed a hand on his shoulder and said: “Just leave it, they’re not listening.”

“You aren’t listening to me either, but that’s okay, I guess. I probably don’t deserve for you to hear me. But if I wanted to turn evil, I would have killed these two the day I met them and learned why they were scanned. Just because I’m not fighting for the same reasons you are doesn’t make me evil. I can’t help but feel sorry for you because of that thinking,” Kiri answered. “Painful,” she murmured. “Loneliness is painful. And doubt is painful too.”

Renamon turned to her partner. “Kiri, are you saying...?” Why are you giving up like this?

A dead nod. “Mm, I don’t care anymore. They’re too good for the likes of us. And for once, I was actually trying to help.” She turned away from them. “Hypocrites like you hurt the most.” She walked away without a fight. “I hope you never get any stronger. I hope you feel the helplessness I’ve felt. I hope you fall in the Dark Ocean and drown like I did. It’d be... really fitting for people like you. Because... everyone falls.” She vanished into the trees.

The kitsune hissed one last bit. “The Digimon Emperor was nothing, not compared to that disgusting man. If you knew a whit about who came before you, you would not dare insult my partner like that. He was a monster. And she fought him.” She spat on the ground. “You brats have had your hands held since day one. Aren’t you so blessed?” She raced away.


The electronics company Mrs. Lucas worked at had given her a week away as her days off. Funnily enough, the warehouse Mr. Lucas was a staff member of had given him a week off, too. Both of Jonathan’s parents were currently home, having some time with each other and wondering where their son was. The phone rang and Mrs. Lucas rushed to answer it. “Lucas residence, Brianna speaking.” Since finding out her son was a Digi-Destined, Brianna had gone out of her way to become friends with the Kamiyas, Ishidas, Takaishis, Takenouchis, Izumis, Kidos, Tachikawas, Ichijoujis, Hidas, Inoues and Motomiyas.

It was Mrs. Kamiya on the other end.

“Yes, I’m concerned about my son, too.” Jonathan’s mother answered. She worriedly played with her fringe.

Yuuko said something else.

“That’s true, indeed. They do need more than just moral support,” Brianna replied.

Tai and Kari’s mother finished up her side of the conversation.

“Yes, I have to agree with you there, Yuuko. Mr. Ishida doesn’t seem to care at all,” Mrs. Lucas responded. “I must go now, but I’ll talk to you again soon. Goodbye, Yuuko.” Brianna waited for Mrs. Kamiya to say her farewell and then hung up.


Thunder rumbled in the sky above the Digi-Destined. A blue semi-transparent dragon with a chain wrapped around his body flew through the air, with his storm clouds surrounding him. Jonathan and Blair looked up in awe of the Digimon, who they would later learn was one of the Sovereigns.

“For Palmon, Tentomon, Biyomon and Gomamon, I give the power to reach the Mega level!” Azulongmon’s voice boomed. He silently pulled one of his Digi-Cores off his body and released the power within. The light from the Digi-Core dispersed and struck the respective Digimon. “Gennai informed me that you were in need of some help. One overruling emotion is all it will take for a higher levelled Digivolution to occur. Remember that advice and use it wisely, my Digi-Destined friends.” Azulongmon nodded his head once as a goodbye and flew off again.

“Huh? Who-” Blair started, but Jonathan interrupted her.

“-was that?” He finished. Blair scowled at him, but Jonathan merely smiled.

That was Azulongmon,” Jack answered. “One of the five Digimon Sovereigns who rule the Digital World.”

“How do-” Jonathan attempted, but was cut off.

“-I know so much?” Jack replied. “You’re forgetting I’ve been around three years longer than you. I learned a lot from Sorcerymon, and even more from the rest of the International Digi-Destined.” The near-adult laughed, before placing a hand on Jonathan’s shoulder. “Don’t sweat it, Jonathan, you’ll get there eventually.”


Jonathan turned the memory chip over and over in his hands. He didn’t understand. Back then, he should have been able to awaken its power. And yet... nothing. Stingmon had gotten stronger sure, but it wouldn’t have been enough. He couldn’t even bring himself to try. It was like his fingers had frozen up. Why? Why can’t I, why can’t any of us get any stronger? It was like there was a block, a block over their minds and bodies. They were missing something, but what was that?

He shook his head. Everything’s so confusing right now. Mimi... and Lucemon, not to mention being trapped here, I just can’t sort it out. He sighed. I’m really lucky Davis and Tai are here. If it was everyone but them here, I’d be doomed. I have no clue what to do with this many people.

“Jonathan?” Wormmon crawled into his arms.

The teen smiled. “What is it, Wormmon?”

“You seem troubled. What’s the matter?”

“Oh, well... that’s the problem. I don’t know. Everything’s very odd right now and I just haven’t had time to process it. And to top it all off, I couldn’t get you to Digivolve, either. It was strange. I was about to try, but I just... I couldn’t. I’m not sure why.”

Wormmon thought for a moment. “Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe it’s because you’re so confused, you can’t control yourself and give the necessary energy for me to get stronger.”

“I guess that means I just need to think some more. Luckily that’s my specialty.” He stood up. “We should go check on the others.”


The next day...

Lucemon had sent one of his servants to finish off the Digi-Destined. The green and yellowish dragon stood on top of the small cliff that overlooked the Digi-Destined camp. He roared once, alerting the children to his presence, not that he thought it mattered much. Unable to Digivolve to the Ultimate level, much less the Mega level, those kids were sitting ducks as far as Lucemon was concerned. Majiramon’s orders from Lucemon were to engage the Digimon of the Children of Courage and Love, to see how much of a fight they put up.

As he rushed down the cliff’s side, he saw that the Digi-Destined had heard his challenge and were already ready with their Digimon. He became miffed when he saw the Children of Courage and Love standing at the back of the group, with the girl protectively hugging the male, as if she were afraid of losing him. I was told they’d be at the FRONT! Damn you, Lucemon! Majiramon huffed angrily and flexed his overly large hands.

It was his turn to become surprised when their Champion level partners Digivolved. He had not been told of the sudden regaining of their powers and, again, Majiramon cursed Lucemon.

“Greymon Digivolve to... MetalGreymon!”

“Birdramon Digivolve to... Garudamon!”


An orange-furred, purple-striped winged tiger turned to a hooded snake. “They’re in trouble, aren’t they?”

The white coloured snake, with the back of his hood being purple, replied: “They are indeed, Mihiramon. The Demon Lordsss have them exactly where they want them, which isss not good for usss.”

“Don’t just stand there then, Sandiramon, do something about it.” A huge horse with arms that emitted magnified sonic waves snorted. “And I thought the Tamers were useless...”

“What wasss that, Indramon?”

A huge sword came in between the riled up snake and arrogant horse Devas. “Now that’s enough, you two.” It was Vajramon, the ox Deva. The burly sheep Deva, Pajramon, stood beside him.

“He’s right. Infighting in our ranks has already cost us the loyalty of seven of our kind. I do hope you aren’t intending to betray us, Indramon...?” Pajramon questioned.

The horse Deva snorted again, holding out his arms in a submissive gesture. Betray the good of the pure Devas? His expression seemed to be saying. Now why would I do that?


MetalGreymon and Garudamon were getting beaten so badly, that they didn’t know how much longer they could last at their current level. Sora clutched at Tai out of fear and gasped, as if in pain, every time Majiramon used his special attack. The corrupted dragon Deva yelled at them that “they were weak to side with humans in the first place” and “all traitorous Digimon should be punished”. MetalGreymon and Garudamon kept trying their hardest but, in the end, had to de-Digivolve back to the Rookie level.

Sora took advantage of the situation, despite her concern for Biyomon, and whole-heartedly kissed Tai. She remembered, from what Azulongmon told them the previous day, that it would only take one overruling emotion for a Warp DNA Digivolution to occur. Miss Takenouchi desperately hoped that her love for Tai would be that emotion. Almost immediately, Agumon and Biyomon rose to their feet.

“Agumon, Biyomon, Warp DNA Digivolve to... SpiritRavemon!”

Like he had done when explaining FangHexmon, Sorcerymon again took it upon himself to introduce SpiritRavemon. “From the heart of Courage and soul of Love comes Agumon and Biyomon’s Warp DNA Digivolved form, SpiritRavemon. His attacks are Courageous Crescent, which is like a sweeping sword motion of fire, and Love’s Lament is a flurry of red, pink, and orange slashes.”

Love and Courage; they knew each other’s existence, but never touched. Living in this parallel world where one’s courage was driven by love and, so far, love motivated courage. They lived in one being, but beat as two hearts until now.

He was the embodiment of these two emotions. SpiritRavemon had a cloak; the main difference was that SpiritRavemon’s was orange compared to Omnimon’s white one. The Master level Digimon’s feathers brushed against the ground once he landed. His feet were taloned, while his hazel eyes were almond-shaped like a hawk. A beautiful mixture of pinks and oranges like a sunset, his wings imposingly spread themselves as he gazed at Majiramon. Other than that, he was as humanoid as Omnimon was.

SpiritRavemon pulled back his cloak with his arms revealing two blades. “Be sure to let your master know that if he continues to push us, there will be more Warp DNA Digivolutions. And now, we fight.”

SpiritRavemon charged forward, whipping out Redemption – the name of his two weapons. “Courageous Crescent!” he yelled; wielding the first sword and driving it home towards Majiramon’s face, it blazed with fire.

Majiramon snorted. “You attack a dragon with fire?” He caught the blades in his claw. “Fire Breath!” He released a blaze from his maw, aiming it directly toward SpiritRavemon’s face.

“Love’s Lament,” SpiritRavemon cried out.

The blade glowed with this mysterious mixed aura. First red, then pink, and finally to a brilliant orange the blade shimmered. This display was followed by a series of slashes. Each of these sent their own individual wave of energy toward Majiramon. The elusive dragon tried to whip his body around these sharpened edges. It was to no avail.

One hit. It was the sharpest thing the Deva had ever felt. After that, it was like a flurry of razors running against his scales. One after another they struck him. Hundreds upon hundreds of stinging energies shot from those blades. Before Majiramon even knew what happened, blood poured from his side. Then it stopped. The damage was done... he was open.

Majiramon roared, now feeling excitement burn his heart. “Is that all? I was expecting worse than that!” He raised his head to the sky. “Flaming Arrowheads!” Lightning pierced the air, striking everywhere and anywhere, narrowly avoiding the nearby humans.

SpiritRavemon protected the Digi-Destined and then whirled around. “What did you expect? I am a peaceful Digimon!” He engaged the Dragon Deva in hand-to-hand combat now, hoping to prevent the corrupted beast from using his attacks anymore. After all, he didn’t want any stray fire blasts or lightning bolts striking the humans.

“I expected a fight,” growled the dragon, stabbing his nails straight into the enemy’s arm, making it bleed and burn in pain. “I expected a warrior, a seasoned opponent who could kill me where I stood. This peaceful nature will not last in a real war. You are hindered by children, your so-called saviours! Fire Breath!”

The stream of flames shot from the dragon’s mouth. SpiritRavemon’s eyes seemed to just lose that sense of aloofness in exchange for pity. With a simple flick of cloak, the flames deterred themselves from the DNA Digivolution. This left Majiramon in a daze. Nothing had ever happened like this before.

“You won’t yield…” SpiritRavemon said, almost in this weird parallel to himself and his opponent. “You won’t give yourself to the light. All the Devas seem to know is violence. I pity you. Think of this as my last act to bring you to justice. My apologies… there is… no other way.”

Majiramon couldn’t vividly explain the feeling that soaked the air. It was warmth wrapped in this veil of power. Was this fear that he felt? No. That wasn’t possible. It was just the unknown that bothered him. Yet… he couldn’t ignore this Digimon’s power. It rivalled his strength.

SpiritRavemon pressed the hilts of his swords together so the blades’ faces were touching. Flames circled around the two blades in spirals. Eerie sounds emitted from them like spirits singing a song. The flames end result was beyond even the fire from the dragon’s mouth. It whipped upward, yet was in control. It was destruction tamed.

Majiramon knew one thing. If that touched him… he wouldn’t have to worry about his future any more. He prepared himself for an attack. The gap between them was closed too quickly. There was no time to think of an attack plan.

The dragon couldn’t help but smile. “Pity... no, I pity you. You are weak, not simply because of your love of peace, but for your assumption that you are in the right. Flaming Arrowheads!” The lightning struck between them, blinding SpiritRavemon and preventing him from completing his attack. The electricity burned his hands, but SpiritRavemon kept firm on his blade, wincing in pain. When the lightning faded, the dragon had vanished.
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