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Posted February 26th, 2019
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This sounds like a great idea! :) Okay I have an idea that can accompany both Pokemon fanfic writers(like myself) and ones who doesn't.

Pokemon Idea
Well, it happened, somebody screwed up, badly. I mean, BADLY. Now look, it seems like a another supernatural thing that happens in the Pokémon, right? You see this? This is a portal to OUR world, you know, the one with us in it. Yeah.....well now we know about the whereabouts of Pokémon, and now many of our countries are using them as resources for war and other things. Talk about selfish. Hey, plus, now they want to war with all the regions.......that's a big problem. Champion Cynthia is hanging in Canada. Proffesor Sycamore in France! You see?! Someone messed up BADLY, and we are all going to pay. So what do you choose: Modern Earth or Pokémon World?

You could literally go ANYWHERE with this idea, Oak becoming dictator, or Kim Jong making a pact with Sinnoh, you name it. I'm too lazy to write it, soooooo you guys can have it :p And yes, interdimensional portals are cliché.