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Posted April 21st, 2016
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It does, but I edited it again since my post.
Got it to work now after the swapping of EndBS and LowerBothBS.

Congrats on your first ASM! I've had many hours of rage not getting Close Combat to lower the single Defense or Sp. Def. stats properly after one reaches -6, so your effort is definitely appreciated!

Hopefully I'll have time to learn some asm soon, too, so I can contribute more to the forum and to my own hack.

EDIT: Also, for those who want the Close Combat asm for Emerald:

.align 2
.BattleData: .word 0x02024084
.UserBank: .word 0x0202420B
.ActiveBSPointer: .word 0x02024214
.LowerSpDefBS: .word 0x08AAAAAA
.LowerDefBS: .word 0x08BBBBBB
.LowerBothBS: .word 0x08CCCCCC
.EndBS: .word 0x082D8A4E