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And, can I suggest some improvements to the organisation of this thread? Firstly, divide the animations up into Ruby, Emerald and FireRed animations, as Ruby and Sapphire animations might not be cross compatible due to pointer issues and Sapphire is rarely hacked anyways.
This is a good idea, but I really don't think dividing Ruby and Sapphire is worth it as Sapphire is hacked so rarely that any posts that are for it will almost definitely specify that.
Secondly, choose the animations based on how closely they resemble their 5th/6th gen counterparts instead of allowing multiple versions of the same animation to proliferate.
While this is a good idea in practice, it would undoubtedly cause a lot of drama and would take a lot of time to test each one individually and then compare with the official one; it's far easier to simply give the user the choice of multiple options if they are unsatisfied. It also removes any subjectivity from the thread, which, again, can help avoid drama and the likes.
However, it might be worth adding a line to the OP asking people to include screenshots or .gifs showing the animation so that people can get a better feel for what they're adding before they do.
Thirdly, with the permission of the hackers, put the animation bytes themselves into the first post rather than linking to the post containing the bytes.
I really, really don't want to do this, because it's just a really shaky way of doing things, because if just one byte is changed, the OP will be completely outdated, whereas linking to posts means that edits will always be kept and the OP will thus be up to date more often - it's not like clicking the posts takes that much more time anyway, so I don't really see why this is such an issue.
Lastly, set aside a section aside for particle replacements and attacks that require new particles. Divide this section up into two portions, one where for replacements for existing particles (easily done using UnLZ), and one for moves that require new particles altogether (more difficult, requires hex knowledge as well as repointing/expansion of the particle table).
This is another great suggestion, I'll get to doing it soon. For now, I'm going to just add your contributions in the old format of the thread, but I will get around to revamping the thread layout (again) to fit your suggestions.