Simic Synthesis

Seen September 17th, 2017
Posted August 18th, 2017
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So surprised we're getting more news not too long after the Direct. We should hopefully get more revealed since it'll be a new trailer again.
If I'm being honest, a single alolan form of a minor (dare I say, nearly irrelevant?) Pokemon and the reveal of the promotional pokemon+new Z move is pretty minor info, in my eyes. I'm not surprised to see us getting more info this quickly.

Or TPC can just plan on hiding everything until release. I thought most people would prefer it if they were to play the games as blind as possible? Seems TPC is doing a good job at hiding all of the important parts; I see no reason for the concern.
You know, I never thought about it but I think you're right. They seem to be showing us stuff very often, and a wide variety of new Pokemon. But nothing huge has really been shown or revealed yet, with the exception of the Trials replacing gym leaders stuff. Now that this is on my mind, I'll be considering it everytime I see new trailers and reveal videos from TPC.