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Pok�mon Emerald Kaizo

Day and Night Only.
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Emerald Kaizo Link:

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Here it is, the super hard mode of Pokemon Emerald, inspired by Firered Omega and Pokemon Stadium, with extra features such as legendary pokemon events and some postgame content. All 386 Pokemon can be caught in this version, but in order to get access to all of them, you will have to beat the game, and this one pulls out all the stops. How hard is it? People say nuzlocking and high level gaps is hard; this one is completely unforgiving to misclicks, misplays, and other mistakes, and there is enough enemy variety to be overwhelming to casual play of Emerald Kaizo. This game also gets progressively more difficult as the game goes along, as opposed to the hardest point in the game being the earlygame in the majority of hacks and all pokemon games.
Also, nuzlocking the elite four in Emerald Kaizo may be impossible unless you have explicit knowledge of the elite four roster, and great luck in acquiring specific pokemon to counter 5 powerful teams, and remember, you can't use anything but held items in battles.
This is a very imposing super hard mode hack, but as I have playtested, it is not impossible to beat, and I even tested to see if the Pokemon League can be nuzlocked, the most critically difficult point to nuzlocke, and it is possible, but I advise to actually practice with the game before attempting to nuzlocke it, because I won't release the details on how I no-deathed the Pokemon League. Don't let that aspect fool you though, the Pokemon League is genuinely difficult to get past without dying, as it took me several tries to find a reliable no death pattern.

You cannot use revives, or any other item during battle. Fortunately, the enemies will not use them either. You can only use held items in battle.

Many fights are made exponentially difficult compared to the original version. Just to preface, it is not merely higher levels, they have movesets that increase in quality as the game goes on, and bosses typically have coverage, some degree of synergy, higher quality pokemon, and strategies.
There are even some avoidable double battle traps, but you may be forced to double battle sometimes.
Especially in the seventh gym.

Be particularly cautious with gym trainers, villain teams, and victory road trainers.

Gym leaders have six pokemon of higher quality than most NPCs. Some do perform additional strategies or follow certain themes.

You can catch 386 pokemon, including Kanto and Johto Pokemon, as well as certain late game Hoenn Pokemon a bit earlier, but there are some pokemon that are exclusively lategame, or even postgame. Postgame pokemon can be traded for Legendary Birds.

Movepools have been altered for the majority of 350 pokemon. I will have up a list organized later on.
You cannot harvest berries until Postgame, so be cautious when using them.
Gym leader rematches have been edited so that you fight them at their toughest immediately with the first 2 rounds, with all subsequent battles being round 2.
There are event tickets in forgotten optional areas, which will enable you to reach destinations to catch event legendary pokemon.
In addition, there are additional legendaries hidden in areas you normally never visit, or hidden in places you have visited, but they are inaccessible until postgame.

There are minimal map changes compared to my older hacks, but some areas do have significant obstacles, particularly the postgame Trick House, which is essential to reach Rayquaza.

There are also some other changes with the game that I can only leave as a surprise.
Evolution stones can be bought at Fallarbor town. Slowking and Huntail evolve by water stone, and Umbreon and Espeon evolve by Moon Stone and Sun Stone respectively.

Additional grass is available in most cities in case you are nuzlocking. All of them are in out of the way locations.

You can get the other Hoenn starters in Evergrande city.

There is no Physical Special split, nor is there fairy types. This is gen 3 mod, with some additional moves from later gens for additional coverage for weaker pokemon, as well as base stat changes for certain underwhelming Pokemon, mostly from newer gens, but also some gimmicky pokemon.
There are some modified moves, such as Overheat, Superpower, and Sky Attack being recoil moves, and a few pokemon have some base stat changes and ability changes.
There are additional postgame bosses as well.
Pending docs on evolution levels, abilities, and some base stat changes, but Wailord, Glalie, Sableye, and Castform are the only ones with radical changes. Spinda has base 80s instead of 60s. Dewgong, Hypno, and Ninetails have increased special attacks.

How to apply ips and update:


How to update a older version of an ips rom:
1. Go to Pokecommunity
2. Click the link to the emerald kaizo ips.
3. Dowload the emerald kaizo ips.
4. Have lunar ips.
5. Have the currently patched rom you are using.
6. Open Lunar Ips
7. Apply the updated ips, by pressing apply ips...
8. ...Selecting the already patched rom you are using...
9. ...and applying the downloaded Emerald Kaizo ips patch.
Doing this will automatically apply the updated patch to the older patched drom. Remember to back up your roms.
Another longer, but safer method is this:
1. Or, you could copy the save state and save file.
2. Put a new folder.
3. Place save files and save states in the new folder.
4. Put the original rom in the folder with the save files.
5. Patch that rom with lunar ips.
6. Play the game. You should be playing the updated version now.
7. Remember to keep an eye out for updates if you haven't finished.

Level Curve
Now unlike most hard mode hacks, there is no need for excessive grinding in Emerald Kaizo; I did not have to grind at all on wild Pokemon during my playtests, and only used the lucky egg after getting surf. I have a level curve list to show the levels of bosses. And there is no point to grinding just for evs either, you will not get evs in this game. If you do grind several levels higher than bosses, just be warned that the Elite Four will come as a very nasty shock to you when you no longer have a significant level advantage.
Note that you will have access to very cheap rare candies to purchase right before the Elite Four.

Here is the level curve average.

Rival: Lv. 5
Roxanne: Lv. 14-15
Optional Rival: Lv. 14-16
Brawly: Lv. 16-17 (Lower leveled due to no content, it is still challenging unless you try to skip)
Rival: Lv. 19-21
Wattson: Lv. 27-28
Tabitha: Lv. 36-37
Maxie: Lv. 38-39
Flannery: Lv. 41-42
Norman: Lv. 45
Shelly: Lv. 49
Rival: Lv. 50
Winona: Lv. 54-55 (Double battle)
Aqua Admin Matt: Lv. 56
Last Rival Battle: Lv. 59-60
Magma Admin: Lv. 64-65
Maxie: Lv. 66
Matt: Lv. 67
Tate and Liza: Lv. 70
Magma Admin: Lv. 70
Maxie: Lv. 70-72
Shelly: Lv. 73
Archie: Lv. 75
Final Gym Leader: Lv. 76-77
Victory Road Average range: 75-78
Pokemon League: Lv. 100 (Buy rare candies)
Postgame Bosses: Lv. 100

Boss Fights (Spoilers)

Note: Winona has Flygon replace Salamence for rock resistance.

Sootopolis Gym:

Vaporeon is level 77. Oops.

Pokemon League (all are at level 100)

There aren't many good dark types with good synergy, typing, coverage, or offense. The theme is all out offense with some hidden powers.

Not much confusion moves, mostly status, and the confounding aspect are the bulky ghost types. Plan carefully for those.

Lapras > Wallrein. If you notice something with Glacia's movesets, and the abilities, then you'll know Dewgong works much better for this particular strategy than Wallrein. Gotta give players a reason to use Dewgong.

This is the only guy I actually had to nerf slightly. Take that as a "good sign."

No really. This is major spoilers. Don't look at this until you get past Drake.


Steel is the worst mono typing for pokemon with subpar stats for the AI. But Metagross and Jirachi are good pokemon with good stats and good dual types. It does follow the steel, stone, and fossil theme Steven likes. Mewtwo came to be from a Mew fossil for those confused by its presence. Yes, the Champion is Steven.


I just want you to know that Steven is my least favorite champion, even over Wallace and future gen champions. His team has terrible synergy, weakness to surf, are slow, have very poor lategame type focus and is inferior to Wallace's mono water dual types. Some of the movesets are quite subpar; the fact that Special Attacking Aggron and Water Pulse Armaldo made it on a CHAMPION's team nailed it for me.
Despite coming off as a glorified Elite Four member, people still like Steven despite minimal presence, and hated that Wallace took over, though I agree that another water boss in a game full of water bosses, including an Elite Four member, was unneeded. To avoid corrupting the game by swapping sprites from the eyecatch, that is how its presented.

I have been dealing with some unfair takedowns. If you have questions, Twitter is the fastest way for me to check you out.

Here is a link to the playlist:

The rest of the Video.

Currently posting a Pokemon Movepool List in the Attachments.
A potential softlock area in Victory Road has been fixed, as well as some surfing graphics. Be sure to use the most updated version to avoid getting trapped by accident. Versions 2.
Some move descriptions have not been updated, but should not gamebreak the game.
The only graphical bug comes from when you begin a trainer battle. Fortunately there are no reported bugs that crash the game, or have corrupted cries.
Now in Day and Night only. More trans-formative that way. Check the link.
Now Kaizo Emerald.
Pokemon Kaizo Hacker