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Marmara Ortega
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Rustboro City

Through an open window wind blows emerald cloth curtains. Wingulls cry in the distance, one of which belonged to a curious bird. Having selected that specific windowsill to perch on, the avian began to descend.

From the blue skies a lone white smudge mutated into a Wingull before the Aipom that had been gazing out the window's opening from the comfort of the table. However the bird's original plan was short-lived, startled off by the monkey that was now leaning out the window. Her tail held on to the lower frame as she swayed from side to side in anticipation of an encounter. But upon seeing the bird jerk and flap itself away from her, the Aipom's smile faded.

From inside the hotel room's queen-sized bed a device whistled in rhythm to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star's first few seconds, its screen glowing.

"Aipom! Can you get my PokéNav? It's on the bed!" a voice hollered through the bathroom door. When silence became the answer the voice spoke again, but in a pleading tone. "Pleeeeeease?" Fortunately it was enough to snap her companion back into reality.


It only took a single leap for the monkey to reach the PokéNav, her tail swiping it in one swing. By the time she bounced off the bed in glee her trainer at last exited the restroom.

Refreshed and... cold. Morning showers are always a cruel wake up method to the young adult. "Thaaaaaank yew," she sang in gratitude as she knelt down, grinning to her only Pokémon. Aipom grinned in return, gently placing the device on her trainer's open palms. "Hungry? Because I am." In response the Aipom extended her arms and bounced in place. Oh how adorable.

The wait for Marmara to get ready for the morning café felt like eternity to the monkey. So much so that she threw herself onto the sofa that split the kitchen from the living room. In doing so the television had been accidentally awoken, filling the vicinity in a sudden array of colors. News poured out, catching the trainer's attention.

"-region last night originated on Route 134. It is speculated by the scientists at the Institute that the cause was a natural shift in the tectonic plates under the water. Authorities, however, believe otherwise. We will keep you informed everyone. Now to Carmen with the weather forecast for the day."

If we stop to reverse time to the moment the earthquake took place we see Marmara soundly asleep. Snuggled beside her on top of the sheets was Aipom, whose tail often jerked in her slumber. Both were weary and were enjoying their rest until the incident struck. The first to wake was Aipom, who didn't hesitate to yank her trainer's hair as she witnessed the room tremble. "EEE EEE!"

"Ah ah ah oow! Aipom!" The earthquake hadn't been strong enough for Marmara to realize it had even taken place. Instead she assumed her companion had experienced a night terror. After all, Aipom displayed utter fear and refused to let go of Marmara's head.

Fast forward to the present and you see Marmara's expression change to that of surprise. A gasp escaped her upon realizing that it was no night terror. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I thought you were having a nightmare last night."

Aipom tilted her head yet her attention remained on the screen. Aiiii?