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-- Rei Takabia --

Location: Rustboro City Pokémon Center
Objectives: Get Muk Done
Status: Tired
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First Steps

"Look... I know last night was a little rough. I'm more than willing to admit that. But that quake has been over for several hours now. Don't you think it's about time to come out from underneath that bed already...?"

A frown graced Rei Takabia's lips as she stared at her Vulpix expectantly. It had turned out to be a rather eventful night, much to the girl's dismay. Under most circumstances, one might expect the nerves of setting out on a grand journey that would cover essentially every corner of the Hoenn region would be enough to keep the girl up all night. Admittedly, Rei would have had some difficulty going to sleep with these thoughts in mind. However, any contemplation having to do with the forthcoming journey were quickly tossed aside once that earthquake hit. While Rustboro wasn't exactly struck by an earthquake with enough magnitude to do much more damage than knock over a glass of milk, it was more than enough to keep the new trainer's starting Pokémon on edge the rest of the night. Much to Rei's annoyance, this meant that Ashe the Vulpix would spend the rest of the night whimpering and howling underneath the bed in their room at the Pokémon Center... an action which resulted in Rei getting little, if any sleep, at all.

"Ashe... Look," the trainer called out, doing her best to try and keep her anger in check. The girl took a moment, climbing up properly to her feet and then began to jump around in an attempt to prove a point. "Look, no more shaking. Do you think I could jump around like this if the building was about to collapse or if the ground was still rocking back and forth?!"

Cautiously, the little Vulpix poked her nose out from underneath the bed. Rei had half a mind to grab hold of the fox Pokémon and drag her the rest of the way out, but the red-haired girl was quick to realize that such an action probably would not help the situation at the moment. Rather, she let the Vulpix test the ground for herself. She watched as Ashe slowly pulled herself the rest of the way out from underneath the bed, taking a look around her surroundings carefully, before doing one small hop as if to see if Rei was in fact telling the truth. A small look of relief seemed to overtake the timid Vulpix's features as she found that things did indeed appear to be stable.

"Well... I'm glad you're finally satisfied... Any chance we can get this show on the road now?" Rei questioned, kneeling down to Ashe's level.

The Vulpix let out a small howl, affectionately rubbing against Rei's palm before hopping up into her arms. A sigh escaped the teenager's lips as she allowed the fire Pokémon to get comfortable in her arms, before standing upright once more and grabbing hold of her trainer's bag. While she was annoyed with how slow things were starting off for her, Rei could not bring herself to hold it against the Vulpix for too long. While she wished that Ashe may have been a bit more... confident and bold, Rei knew that she was lucky to even have a Pokémon to begin her journey with. There were many trainers out there who had to rely on catching a wild Pokémon, usually something along the lines of a Zigzagoon or a Wurmple, to start their journeys off with. Also, there was the fact that the Vulpix in her arms was a gift from her grandparents, one that had been raised up to this point by her grandfather to be exact. It was that knowledge that in a way made Rei feel inclined to take Ashe with her on this journey... While she didn't seem like she was going to be very reliable at the moment, there was always the chance that she would grow out of this behavior as they made their way across Hoenn.

"Alright then, here's the plan," Rei began to explain as she exited the room with Ashe in tow. "First things first, we'll grab a bite to eat. Then, we'll head out to Route 116. As... strong as I'm sure you are, I don't think you'd fair too well against Roxanne all on your own... I figure maybe getting an ally or two and even visiting a few other gyms first might be a better plan. What do you think?"

Ashe glanced up at Rei curiously, her tails swishing back and forth as she stared intently at the trainer before letting out a small howl in response. The girl wasn't exactly sure if this meant that her Pokémon actually understood what she was saying, but regardless it was a plan she intended to follow through with regardless of Ashe's feelings on the matter...