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"-no casualties or serious injuries have been reported at this time, but we will stay on top of this story and keep you updated. Stay tuned in for more information regarding this mysterious earthquake."

Chloe sat atop a stack of crates and yawned, listening to the radio from the stall over. The tremors from the night before got everyone out of bed much earlier than usual; before the sun was up, many had left their homes to check on their loved ones, tune in to the news and evaluate the damage that was caused.

Chloe and her siblings didn't have much, so once they made sure everyone in their small family was alright, they, along with many other local vendors, scrambled to check on their stall at the Slateport marketplace. The damage could have been worse - some vendors were hit a little harder than others, but being clothing vendors, the Silvermans didn't really have any breakable stock, so aside from a bit of disorganization, everything seemed fine. It didn't sound like anyone got hurt either, so that was good news. Aside from the rocky start to their morning, business continued as usual. That said, they did spend all night putting everything back in place and lending a hand to a few other vendors too, so everyone was a bit tired.

Chloe stifled another yawn and looked down at the bustling marketplace, with the beach on the horizon. Slateport City. 'The port where people and Pokmon cross paths with nature'. It's a lively hub for a lot of trainers and tourists, either taking their Pokmon to the beach for some rest and relaxation by the ocean, visiting the museum, or taking a stroll through the market - today was no different despite the events of the night before, and the earthquake did not deter many trainers from visiting today.

From atop the crates, Chloe could see her brother Evan a few stalls down, seemingly browsing Pokmon dolls and plush keychains. She grinned, making a mental note to tease him about it when he gets back.

He hadn't been in the best of moods lately, and was even quieter than usual. The twins have both been dead set on becoming Pokmon trainers for a while now, but Penelope wouldn't allow both of them to leave. "It's not that I don't support your dreams, but you need a good amount of this to travel the region like that," she had said, rubbing her fingers together, in a gesture for money. "I can only afford to support one of you on the road monetarily for the time being. And that's only if the other one stays here to help me with the clothing stall." So the twins decided to settled it with a battle. Chloe won.

A feeling of giddiness and excitement rushed through her every time she thought back to her victory, and every time she thought about her upcoming adventure. She did feel bad for her brother and knew how disappointed he was, yet at the same time, she couldn't wait to begin her life as a full-fledged trainer.

But for now, she still had to play the part of a saleswoman.

"Oh! Feel how soft this is, dear," a young lady exclaimed, touching one of the scarves on display. Behind her trailed a tired-looking man holding several shopping bags, no doubt full of goods from the other stalls at the bazaar. Chloe smiled, and hopped down from the crates.

"Hi there!" she greeted them, a little too enthusiastically. The customer jumped a little, but smiled back when she saw Chloe's bright, grinning face.

"You have an excellent eye, ma'am - that scarf is made from the finest Mareep wool, imported all the way from Floccesy Ranch in Unova," she recited the familiar spiel. "My sister Penny over there knits these scarves herself," she added. Behind the display racks of the stall, Penelope was working hard at the loom, weaving a new shawl. Chloe made a big gesture towards her, as if she was selling a car, causing Penelope to blush and wave to the customers.

"Mareep wool? Is that safe?" the young lady put the scarf back down, as if it would shock her.

"Absolutely! It goes through a special processing treatment before it is shipped out to distributors, so it has all of the warmth and softness of the fluffy Wool Pokmon, but no shocking surprises. The only surprise you will experience is how warm it is in the winter, yet how cool it feels when it's warm out! Here, try it!" she exclaimed, draping the scarf around the woman's neck.

"They say Mareep wool stays cool and airy in the summer and warm in the winter. It's an adaptable and fashionable scarf!"

"Wonderful! How much is it? We'll take two! What do you think, the maroon and... Hm, the navy?" the woman asked her boyfriend, who looked thoroughly disinterested but nodded.

"Excellent! Right this way," Chloe resumed her position behind the cash register and completed the transaction. The woman thanked both sisters as the couple walked away, adding a new lilac paper bag stamped with the name "The Silver Penny" to her boyfriend's haul.

"Well, well, look at you," Penny called out from the loom, "Quite the little saleswoman."

"Couldn't do it if I didn't have quality products to peddle," Chloe shouted back, smiling as she straightened out the bills in the cash register.

Just then, their brother returned, with Stella and Nova at his heel. Watching over the stall is a little boring sometimes, so Chloe doesn't mind when Nova would rather run off and play with Stella, even when they weren't accompanied by a member of the family - they knew the city well, and the locals know them too, so they weren't too concerned about getting lost or stolen.

"Good of you to join us, Evan. Say, if you're starting up a Pokmon doll collection, just let me know which ones you want next time," Chloe remarked as he squirmed behind the counter. "I still have some discount coupons from when I was like 8."

He blushed furiously. "It's not for me, you asshole." before she could respond, he grabbed his bike from behind the stall with one hand and scooped Stella up with the other. After he secured her in the basket, he hopped on the bike and started peddling towards their house. Stella glanced behind her apologetically as she was whisked off, but Evan did not look back.

"Hey! It's almost closing time, you're not gonna help us-" she sighed. "What's his problem?"

"It's alright, let him go. You know he's mad he lost the battle."

Chloe shrugged and plopped down on the ground next to her Eevee, idly playing with the red bandana around his neck. "It's not my fault I'm the better trainer. Right, Nova?" he looked a little dejected that Stella left, but his ears perked up when he heard his name. Although Chloe technically had two Pokmon, Nova was the star of the battle. Her Swablu Fable was a sweetheart, but they still need to work on her confidence in battle a bit and train more before Chloe can throw her in a real fight.

"Oh, it was a close one and you know it." Penelope removed the finished shawl from the loom and folded it neatly. "Come on, help me clean up and let's go home, too. I'm making spaghetti tonight."

"You make spaghetti every night."

"Yup, and you're gonna miss it. It's gonna be a while before you taste home cooked meals again, kid."

Back at home, Fable greeted the sisters at the door, then returned to dusting the home with her wings - no one ever really gave her this task, but she just seemed to enjoy cleaning a lot, so no one complained. Evan was sitting at the dining table with his back turned, obscuring whatever he was working on from view, but Chloe could see a box of sewing supplies on the ground next to him.

"Hey, clear the table. We're getting ready for dinner. What are you even doing?" She tried peering over his shoulders and saw a bit of red cloth.

"Quit it, it's not done yet," he mumbled, annoyed. He put what he was working on in his pocket with one hand, and used the other hand to push Chloe's face away from his.

"Rude. Whatever, wash up."

Fable made a clicking noise of disdain as she floated over gracefully, sweeping up the bits of red cloth with her fluffy wings.

"Now it's all over you, silly," Chloe laughed, plucking bits of red out of her wing.


After their dinner of spaghetti, the three siblings returned to their rooms and got ready to wind down for the night. Chloe was sitting at her desk when her bedroom door swung open, and Evan walked in.

"Could you knock-"

"It's for you," he said, hastily stuffing a plush Umbreon keychain into her hands. A tiny, red bandana was carefully stitched around its neck, just like the one Nova wears. "Good luck on your journey, you're gonna need it." Before Chloe could say 'thank you', he turned left the room, closing the door behind him.