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Aoi Saito

Route 102 was swarming with people, but not the usual bunch you would expect. It was teeming with young children. Normally these kids would be in school, especially at this time of day, but with the earthquake and all the anxiety and concern that came with it, many schools had decided to close for the day to give children some time to relax and destress.

You could hear the playful screams and yelling everywhere and unfortunately for Aoi, that meant wild Pokmon were going to be a lot harder to find, holding out somewhere in the forests where there a lot less chaos was to be had. Either way, Aoi wouldnt really have much of a chance to search for them, as when a pair of children stumbled by her and caught the look of her unusual Charmander, she soon became the center of attention.

Oh my god, is your pokmon a shiny!? The shrill voice caught the ears of all the other kids and soon enough they had all gathered around Aoi, some dozen or so children battering her with questions and trying to catch her attention, pulling on her shorts and the like.

Are you a Pokmon Trainer? Thats so cool!!

Is that a Charmander? Isnt that from another region!?

Are you not from around here!? Where are you from?

As Aoi dealt with the questions, kids speaking over each other to the point some could barely be understood, a young man ran up to the group. Alright, guys thats enough! He called out, unsuccessfully waving them off.

Ahh, man. I am so sorry about this, he said, wading into the group and pulling away the kids grabbing at Aoi.

He faced her with a light smile and apologetic, easy green eyes. These are all my kids, well the kids in my class, I mean. Im a teacher over at Oldale. Schools out today so I thought Id round some of them up and bring the kids out for a trip while their parents are working. Of course, they sorta had a different and started messing around, doing what kids do.

He was somewhere in his early twenties with clean cut brunette hair and a clean shaven face with favorable features. Im Oliver, he said, extending a hand. Again, real sorry about this.

Oliver is taking his class to the beach on the west side of Petalburg City. The kids enthusiastically ask you to join them. If you choose to disappoint the children, you may head further into the forest north or south of Route 102 in hopes of catching a Pokemon like originally intended or do something else. The choice is yours, but please, think of the children.

Marmara Ortega

It was a wonderful day, and the earthquake from last night was not going to take that away. Even in the face of nature and her supposed disasters, it was important to tackle the day like any other, to begin it with excitement, daring, and initiative, to begin it with a boom. A literal boom. It shook the walls, the floor, reverberating and echoing throughout the hotel. In the room aside Marmaras, an explosion had just occurred. It was quite obvious, not just because of the sheer deafening volume or the jolting force of its pressure, but because the wall and the other half of her hotel room had been blown to bits.

It was a sight to see, the other side of that wall. Standing in all his glory was a man, prime in his natural state, unshaven and black hair a mess, but eyes very, very awake. Between him and the territory that marked her room was a Claydol, eyes shut and sputtering smoke from its arms and head. It stood still for a moment before flopping onto the floor, arms coming undone from the body. The Claydol was not the only thing flopping and unconscious, a breeze coming in from outside, but of the two it was the far more endearing attraction.

The mans eyes rose from his Claydol to the new expanded interior of his room and stilled. Abject horror filtered through his face as he turned away and walked stiffly out of sight. The Claydol was plunged in red light, disappearing into cover to be replaced by a Salamence. It filled the space of the rooms impressively as the sound of glass and rubble crunched under its feet. Poking his head out from what was left of the wall separating their rooms, the man glanced at Marmara and then averted his eyes to a corner of the room. Sorry... Ill be going now

With what could only be presumed to be clothes bundled in his arms and shielding his waist, the man sprinted out from behind the wall and hopped a top his Salamences back, something slipping out from his clothes as he jumped. The Pokmon turned its head towards its trainer, a cross expression in its eyes before it leapt out from the hotel room and took off out of sight.

If Marmara decides to pick up the fallen object, she finds a business card. The card belongs to a Freddy Morgan of Shiny Stars Talent and it has his phone number and email address. Hotel staff arrive followed by police but after they check the camera recordings from the hotel hallway they see where the blast originated from. The ambulance that arrives offers her a visit to the local hospital to check for any injuries but aside from that Marmara is free to do as she pleases.

Shiny Stars Talent is a talent agency that has produced quite a few popular popstaresque trainers as well as celebrities. It may be worth her time to pursue, or not.

Kiyo Shima

An unmarked boat pulled into Dewford Harbor far earlier than any boat or ship was expected on todays schedule. It drew the attention of nearby workers and townsfolk as whispers filled the air. Although unexpected, the boats sole presence was not the main cause of the sudden gossip around the docks. It was the man climbing out of the boat, his icy blue hair and distinguished, handsome face, that struck as most odd.

What do you think youre doing in my town? A voice boomed out from the front of the docks. With his spiked blue hair the length of a mullet and classic black compression shirt, the owner of the voice was unmistakable.

The question prompted a playful smile on the mans face. Come on, Brawly. Dont tell me youre going cold on me too?

Cold? Me? Do you hear yourself, Steven? Youre the one showing up announced! Are you trying to dodge me? The two shared a laugh before they embraced shoulder to shoulder.

So, Brawly continued, the tone of his voice dropping. Is it about last night?

It is, but its not urgent. Steven replied. However, he continued, his stomach grumbling as if on cue. This is.

Former Hoenn League Champion Steven Stone has made a rare appearance in Dewford Town, much to the surprise of his good friend, Brawly. The two are having a chat over in an outside section of a nearby restaurant, but it is still a mystery as to why he made the journey to the small island town. This could make for a good picture, and this a rare opportunity to potentially speak with a former Pokemon champion if Kiyo dares to disturb them.

Aleksander Clay

Just on the outskirts of a relatively small farming plot on the edge of Fallarbor Town, a Zangoose prowled in the bushes, waiting for its next meal. It was a ragged thing, its fur tattered and dirty, its body thin and bony, a rare sight for the species. It had less the appearance of a fearsome predator, but a desperate scavenger.

It had laid there all morning since dawn, waiting for the farmer who tended to his field to leave. The Zangoose saw its opportunity, and without much thought to the rest of its surroundings sprinted to the unattended fields to pick its full of seeds and budding vegetables, its hunger growing unbearable.

A wild Zangoose appears! This may be on the farm land by Route 113 or Route 114, depending on which direction Aleksander heads out. The wild Zangoose is level 14, but due to borderline starvation and fatigue, it is weaker than normal. If Aleksander chooses to battle and capture the Pokemon, I suggest it take both of his Pokemon's efforts.
LVL 14 Scratch | Leer | Quick Attack | Fury Cutter | Pursuit
The Zangoose has a poor disposition, distrustful and at times it will be ungrateful. It is selfish and will hoard food. Perhaps his temperament will change over time.

Nolan Dichard

Nolans daring challenge fell to deaf ears as he opened the doors to the Fortree Gym front lobby. The receptionist at the front desk chucked an amused look in the direction of the trainer before returning to his work.

Sorry, kid. It was a large man in a black suit that spoke and from the look of him, his wired earpiece and intimidating stature, it was obvious he was security. The Gyms closed for today. Winona headed out this morning. He pointed over to the sign by the reception desk.


Unfortunately, Nolan will have to wait for his chance to challenge Winona. He may schedule an appointment for a gym battle in the near future. In the meantime, Nolan is free to do what he pleases. I want to apologize since I planned for Winona to not be available in the beginning of the RP. She's currently doing something important!

Rei Takabia

Along Route 116, Mariella Golds wiped the sweat from the her brow as she worked diligently to gather the ragtag group of Whismur spread all over the path, dotting the green with a specks of purple.

You have got to be kidding me, she sighed, her free hand going to her hip as she held a sleeping Whismur close to her chest.

The previous nights earthquake had caused quite a stir in the Rusturf Tunnels, scaring even the Pokmon that inhabited it, particularly these Whismur. They fled the tunnels in fear, and their cries, compounded with the quakes tremors, were an incredible nuisance to those that had been camping out along the route.

Mariella, something of a master Pokmon handler, had been tasked by the Rustboro City leadership with herding the Pokmon back to the caves where they would be safer, but mainly draw less complaints from residents and travelers.

With so many of them, numbering maybe thirty, even with her Absol doing most of the legwork it was going to be a long day of it. The numbers by themselves werent so troubling, but it was the nature of Whismur as a species that gave the pair the most grief. They were a quiet kind of Pokmon with a very inaudible speech but with fear they became deafening. In an unfamiliar territory such as this, they would scare twice as easily. It took considerable care to approach each one and guide them into the small group they had already assembled; if even just one let out that frightful wail, the rest would follow. The Whismur sleeping in her arm had taught Mariella that well enough; it had started crying earlier when some sort of explosion sounded off in Rustboro City and when she had finally calmed it down, the little thing just knocked.

She had some more complaints about the job, but contract work paid handsomely and it was an offer that even at her age she couldnt balk at. With a group of eight Whismur being nudged along by her Absol, Mariella moved further along Route 116.

It's a Whismur party and Rei is invited! If Rei offers her hand in shepherding these troublesome little critters, Mariella will gladly accept the help. She won't pay, but she may be willing to give the new trainer a fresh taste of what life is like outside of the Academy's practice matches. Mockingly, she'll even offer to heal your Pokemon after she wins. She has a Shuppet right around Ashe's level.

Of course, Rei can always just mind her own business and maybe even catch one of the stray Whismurs for herself. It'll be one less Mariella has to deal with.

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