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~ Aoi Saito ~
Current Location: Route 102

A soft wind rustled the trees and grass as I looked at the rather busy route before me. Stepping forward Pyro glanced around before looking up at me, his face saying he doubted we will find any wild pokemon today as a few children approached us, squealing. I watched other children dart around the route as a smile formed on my lips before a couple more children came to us, several kneeling down to pet Pyro. The Charmander tilted his head, taking in all of the sudden attention with a grin as some of the kids pet him.

Oh my god, is your pokmon a shiny!?

The shrill voice caught the ears of all the other kids that were scattered about, and soon enough they had all gathered around me, some dozen or so children battering me with questions and trying to catch my attention, pulling on whatever their small hands could reach.

Are you a Pokmon Trainer? Thats so cool!!

Is that a Charmander? Isnt that from another region!?

Are you not from around here!? Where are you from?

The questions came one after another from the children that stood before me as they pushed and shoved one another each trying to have their own question heard.

Settle down please.

I hummed, kneeling down to their height with the hope of being able to get them to quite a bit.

Yes, Im a trainer and this is my partner Pokemon Pyro, he is a shiny Charmander. Were from Ecruteak City in the Johto Region and Charmander are native to Kanto which borders Johto to the East.

Taking out my PokeNav, I pulled up the map, showing the children the different regions as I spoke. From the corner of my eye I noticed a rather handsome, brunette man jogging over to us.

Alright, guys thats enough!

He called out, unsuccessfully waving them off.

Ahh, man. I am so sorry about this.

He said, wading into the group and pulling away the kids grabbing at me.

These are all my kids, well the kids in my class, I mean. Im a teacher over at Oldale. Schools out today so I thought Id round some of them up and bring the kids out for a trip while their parents are working. Of course, they sorta had a different idea and started messing around, doing what kids do.

I giggled at his sheepish smile and shook my head.

Its not a problem. My partner Pyro and I were just out here to train.

Im Oliver.

He said, extending a hand.

Again, real sorry about this.

Taking his hand, I smiled.

Im Aoi, it is a pleasure to meet you, Oliver.

I replied, accidentally sounding a bit formal about the introduction. Glancing down at my attention loving Charmander, I giggled. Oliver chuckled while rubbing the back of his neck while watching one of the children pick up Pyro. With an amused little snort, Pyro hugged onto the child, making himself a bit easier to hold for the small boy.

They've probably scared off any Pokemon from Oldale all the way to Petalburg by now.

He mused as some of the kids began to squabble over who would be next to hold Pyro.

Now, now you guys!

He called out, trying the reign in the arguing children.

From the group of children, a young blonde girl approached me, her eyes full of hope

Miss, can you and your Charmander come to the beach with us?

She questioned, lightly tugging at the bottom of my jacket. I could feel several pairs of eyes on me after the girls question. Smiling, I gently pat her head.

Sure, I dont mind accompanying you.

The children all cheered at my reply, some running ahead of the others in the direction of Petalburg City.

You guys, stay together!

Oliver called out, his voice falling on deaf ears as the kids only continued in their quest of running to Petalburg.

Dont worry, Ill make sure they dont get lost.

I reassured Oliver before glancing at Pyro.

Pyro, you stay with the others and help get them all to Petalburg.

I ordered, earning a nod and pleased grin from the small fire Pokemon. With that, I lightly jogged after the children, my eyes shifting between the three that had run ahead.

Quickening my pace I caught up to the children before one ran into someone, tumbling to the ground. Jogging over with the other two kids, I kneeled beside the boy and made sure he was okay.

Im sorry about that.

I apologized, looking up at the person the kid had bumped into with an apologetic smile. With a small dont worry the man continued on his way as the rest of the children along with Pyro and Oliver, caught up. Once everyone was accounted for, we all made our way to the beach that lies just outside of Petalburg City.

Sitting in the warm sand, I watched the children as they all played, some burying Pyro in the sand while others splashed about in the shallows of the water with Oliver, as Wingull cries echoed overhead.