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Aleksander Clay
Current Location: Route 111

I cough as sudden amounts of ash and smoke infiltrate my lungs, which, even for this part of the route is unusual. I remove Mother’s scar from my head and let my hair fall into my face as I tie the fabric over my nose to prevent anything else from preventing me an easy time breathing. Glancing around, the ash is unusually thick in the area, but given the earthquake from last night, I can’t say I’m to surprise, rather just mildly inconvenienced as I’m now forced to breath in more ash than I’d like- the orders to go this way were fine, I was already planning to go this way without being told to afterall..

Sparing nothing more than a glance to the trainers who are setting up to camp, I simply walk into the cave to continue my way home. I’d honestly rather walk through the path even with potentially angry pokemon if it means I don’t have to deal with these new people. Besides, I walk this way pretty much every week since I moved in with Uncle, so it can’t be that bad. Silently, I wonder if I’ll come across that beautiful Noibat again. Though, the daydream is short lived as I trip over a sleeping Torkoal and accidentally anger it. Freezing, I stare as it slowly gets up on its feet and exhales smoke through its nose in anger.

“Oh….oh dear god…” I mumble, slowly stepping around it towards the direction I need to be going. Still moving slowly in that direction, I release Sir from his small home in case the fire turtle decides to charge at me as I try and make a swift escape. “Come on, Sir, move slowly and maybe he’ll leave up be.”

Mission abort.

The Torkoal starts charging and I book it with Sir and call out to him to use Water Gun on the turtle as we try to stay out of range of it. Trying to keep up with me and attack at the same time isn’t to easy for poor Sir though, because his attack misses horribly and the Torkoal rams him with its head. Skidding to a stop, I scoop up my little Wooper before setting him back down. Taking a deep breath, I order him once again to use Water Gun on the Torkoal and breathe out in relief when it hits. Picking up Sir again, I dodge the charging turtle pokemon as it tries again to attack us with a Fire Spin before setting the Wooper down and order him to use Water Gun then follow through with Mud Shot. Moving fast as his little legs could carry him, Sir follows through with my orders, but gets hit with Rapid Spin from the Torkoal. Wincing in sympathy for Sir, I frown as I order him to finish off the Torkoal with one more Water Gun.

Once the Torkoal faints, I rush over to Sir to give him a potion. “Two battles in one day, and you did well for both of them. I’m proud of you little guy,” I praise the Wooper, petting his head with my gloved hand.