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Current Location: Dewford Town
“And that’s how I discovered that some Geodude are small enough to fit inside a Sableye’s mouth.” Kiyo laughed as he finished telling a story before stopping in his tracks to avoid walking into Brawly.

“Here it is, Dewford Gym.” Brawly turned and spread his arms out in front of the buildings glass doors.
“Let’s get this battle going!”

“As much as I’d love to watch your battle, I’m afraid I must leave you two for now. I do have some business to attend to in the cave after all.” Steven said.

“You sure? I’ve finally trained up the Pokémon you gave me last time you visited. You’ll miss its first gym match.”

“Yes I’m sure. As I said earlier, I might not be in a rush but it is still important to get this done sooner than later.” Steven turned to Kiyo and reached out a hand. “In the event I don’t see you again before your departure I would like to say that it has been a pleasure to meet you Kiyo.”

“You too Mr. Sto-, um, Steven. And thanks again for the picture.” Kiyo shook Steven’s hand before turning back to Brawly. “I’m ready.”

“Awesome. This way” Brawly ran inside, motioning for Kiyo to follow him. Gremm nearly fell off Kiyo’s shoulders as the trainer dashed through the doors to keep up with the gym leader and Mollie stopped to wave to Steven before running after her trainer. Kiyo looked around the room noting a single orange couch and a receptionist’s desk, nothing special.

“Good morning Brawly! Hunting down trainers this early?!” A girl in orange shorts and t-shirt with blue hair tied in a ponytail energetically exclaimed as she addressed the gym’s leader.

“Good morning Laura. And actually this one came after Steven and I. Wasn’t expecting it but you always gotta be prepared for rogue waves.”

Before Kiyo could interject, Brawly motioned to follow him once more and ran further into the gym. Kiyo picked up Mollie in his arms and quickly followed Brawly through the narrow halls. Looking right and left Kiyo saw various rooms full of standard exercise equipment. So this gym is a literal gym. How original. The young trainer followed Brawly into a larger room with a battlefield made up of hardwood floor and various holes filled with dirt and sand.

“I understand you only have two Pokémon, correct?” Brawly stood at a rack of Pokéballs, surveying his options.

“Yeah, just Gremm and Mollie here.” Kiyo set Mollie on the ground as Gremm jumped down.

“In that case I’ll use these two.” Brawly selected two Pokéballs and moved to his end of the field. “I hope you don’t mind fighting in the dark. I feel it adds a nice degree of difficulty and truly tests the bond between trainer and Pokémon as they have to rely on each other much more when they can’t see clearly.”

“As I told you on the way here, I spend a lot of time in Granite Cave so I’m fairly accustomed to the dark.” The idea of his first gym battle feeling like another cave encounter put a grin on the boy’s face.

“Far out! Let’s get this battle started then!” Brawly snapped his fingers and the lights began to dim. Gradually the room darkened to the point that Kiyo could barely make out the outline of opposing trainer on the other end of the battlefield.

“Makuhita! Let’s go!” Brawly through his first Pokéball into the air, releasing the rotund fighter onto the field.

“Gremm, you’re up first.” Kiyo looked down his Sableye and tilted his head to the field. Gremm eagerly jumped out in front of his trainer. Ghost versus fighting. This should be easy.

“Makuhita, focus and bulk!” The fighting type breathed in as its body swelled up and let off a faint white glow.

“Gremm, Astonish!” Gremm ran at the guts Pokémon as his dark purple body blended in the darkness.

“Saaaable!” the darkness Pokémon pulled his mouth apart with both hands and left out a screech as it appeared in front of Makuhita’s face, seemingly out of nowhere. The fighting type stumbled back in shock as it kicked sand in Gremm’s face.

Gremm lunged forward in an attempt to scratch his opponent’s face but missed by an inch. Makuhita lunged forward and tackled Gremm, however the ghost Pokémon simply slid back unfazed by the attack. The dark type took this opportunity to strike with another scratch, this time landing the attack. Makuhita jumped back to another hole in the floor and kicked more sand up.

“Makuhita might look slow but with enough training it can easily outmaneuver a racy wave!”

Kiyo silently observed Makuhita’s dodge and dust strategy as Gremm’s close range attacks kept missing. Immunity is meaningless if Gremm can’t even land a hit himself. Makuhita is too good at dodging close up attacks. But maybe a ranged attack that it can’t see… Mollie happily jumped side to side and punched the air while chanting as she watched the battle ahead.

“Gremm! Use the night!” Gremm huffed and puffed as yet another Scratch missed his opponent. Gremm jumped back in sync with Makuhita’s backward jump as his green eyes began to glow an eerie red before releasing two black beams. Having no idea where to jump as the darkness in front of it shifted and warped, Makuhita stood still and took a direct hit from the Night Shade.

“Bullet Punch!” Brawly’s voice called out from the darkness. Gremm began to launch another Night Shade but his attack was halted by a lightning fast punch to the jaw. The ghost Pokémon began to stumble but quickly spun around and landed a finishing scratch on his opponent. The small sumo Pokémon collapsed before disappearing into a beam of red light.

“First wipe out of the match. You’re doing well for a rookie but don’t get too cocky.” Brawly commented as he pulled out his second Pokéball. “It’s your time to shine now!” Brawly tossed the ball into the air, releasing his final Pokémon. A Riolu landed on one knee staring at the ground. It looked up at Gremm and a faint twinkle sparkled in its eye.

“Got this Riolu from Steven a while back. This is his first gym battle as well. Riolu, bulk force!” The small dog puffed up its chest.

“Pokémon battles are a lot like surfing.” Riolu began running at Gremm. “You can usually predict the way things will go. However you have to constantly adapt to keep from falling over.”

Gremm fired two more beams of darkness at the bipedal canid running at him. Riolu side-stepped both beams and raised its right paw up. The Pokémon ran up to Gremm and placed its paw on his chest as the two locked eyes. Shock washed over Gremm’s face as a yellow beam burst from Riolu’s palm, sending Gremm flying into a wall, rendering him unconscious.

Kiyo’s jaw dropped. “Was that Force Palm? But how?!”

“Like I said, adaptation. A little Foresight helps when facing opponents immune to my standard attacks.”

Kiyo returned Gremm to his Pokéball and looked down at Mollie who was clearly angered by Gremm’s defeat. “You ready?” The tiny fairy gave a nod along with a cry of approval and ran onto the field.

“Mawile maw maw mawile!” Mollie yelled at Riolu while flailing her arms around, trash talking her opponent.

Riolu dashed across the battlefield with a Quick Attack, slamming into Mollie. As she absorbed the impact, Mollie covered her eyes and began to cry. Riolu paused and stared at her in confusion. As Riolu turned to its trainer and shrugged, a devious smile formed on Mollie’s face. As Riolu turned back to Mollie she whipped her head around and clamped down on her enemy’s head with her back jaws.

“Ah, taunt and fake tears I see. Never thought I’d see a fairy type fighting dirty like that.” Brawly yelled across the room.

“Well, she may seem sweet docile but she can be quite the demon in battle!” Kiyo yelled back.

Riolu struck Mollie with a force palm to the back, causing her to loosen her grip. Riolu spun around with a Blaze Kick that Mollie ducked under, however Riolu’s rotation continued and Mollie’s feet were swept out by a second Blaze Kick. Both Pokémon’s bodies began to glow as Riolu struck down with punch that connected with a head-butt from Mollie. The collision caused sand to fly up and a bright flash to illuminate the room, allowing both trainers to finally see each other clearly.

Kiyo held an arm up in front of his face as sand flew towards him and glanced over at Brawly. I was indifferent about battling this gym earlier but now I feel like I have no choice but to win. Come on Mollie. He looked back down as the dust settled and the light faded to see Mollie and Riolu staring each other down, hands locked together and teeth gritted. Yellow lights began to emanate from both of Riolu’s palms.

“Mollie! Play Rough!” Mollie’s eyes shifted to Kiyo as she gave a nod to her trainer.

Mollie threw her head down and whipped her back jaws forward and chomped down hard on Riolu, almost engulfing the creature’s entire body. The lights faded from Riolu’s palms as it was lifted into the air and spun around in a circle before being swung forward and back, slamming into the ground before being flipped to Mollie’s other side.

Mollie released her grip on Riolu, releasing her now unconscious opponent to the surrounding darkness. Mollie stood before the fallen Pokémon with her arms on her hips and a prideful smile on her dirt covered face.

“It appears we have a winner.” Brawly announced as the lights in the room slowly turned on.