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Marmara Ortega
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"Aren't you too old to be fighting the first gym leader?" Both Marmara and the boy positioned themselves yards from each other. A geodude was released from the youngster's pokeball, stretching and letting out a deep grunt.

Marmara hesitated in her response, slightly blushing out of self-consciousness. It's not the first time it had been pointed out. "I-I just didn't want to drop out of school," she sheepishly explained. "A lot of kids drop out to be trainers and later on have hard times getting jobs without diplomas."

The child gave her a dumbfounded glance. "...what?" Aipom leaped off Marmara and awaited impatiently for further instruction. She twisted and danced in place, not having battled for what felt like ages.

"Um!" She paused, mind blank. Nothing came to mind to ease the already awkward conversation. It was a young child after all; not the response the boy expected.

"So? We gonna fight or what? I don't got all day! Geodude use rollout!" the boy suddenly initiated, astonishing Marmara.

Alarmed, Marmara blurted out "Aipom dodge!" Fortunately she was rewarded with witnessing her partner dodge it with the help of her tail's power, bouncing out of the way with a beaming smile.

"Use rollout again!"

"Dodge!" The same was repeated, much to the annoyance of the boy. He stomped the ground and glared at the monkey.


"Dodge!" All seemed like it was going to be an endless cycle, until.

"Grab the monkey! Now!"he commanded, pointing at the simian. The rock did a sudden halt and swiveled to face its opponent.

Marmara let out a gasp. "W-wait, Aipom!" was all she could muster before witnessing her dear friend's tail yanked. "Scratch!" In panic the monkey scratched the boulder as it tightly grasped her tail. But the move had no effect, merely sounding like nails on a chalkboard that caused her to flinch from the pain.

"Tackle Geodude!" With a forceful yank the boulder sent the purple monkey before it. As ordered they charged towards the enemy, who was regaining her balance.

"Watch out!" Marmara blurted out, closed hands then gently covering her mouth. At that moment she mentally visualized her partner dodge and slap them out of the way. However, reality was a different beast; Geodude landed a critical hit, smack dab right on her pearly whites.

Aipom landed with a splat, letting out a small pained cry. Already the boulder turned and held itself back, awaiting further orders. Aaaaiiii...?

"Aipom it's okay!" Marmara attempted to console her partner from afar. An urge to run up to the injured critter and save it from its misery began to kindle. "...are you okay?" But alas she did not. When Marmara first began to train fresh out of high school she didnt hesitate to rush amidst a brawl to protect her dear Pokmon. However, overtime she was taught to cease the behavior, not by her parents but by peers.

"Pffft, tackle Geodude!" the youngster impatiently resumed the battle. Marmara mentally panicked, Aipom's moveset juggling in her thought process.

From the scramble of words Marmara yelled out the first she stumbled upon, "S-sand Attack!" The simian slapped her third appendage against the dirt floor, sending a handful of it her enemy's way. Despite the sand shower the boulder trekked on, eyes closed from irritation.

The impact was a hard one, taking the breath out of Aipom as she skidded. "Seriously? Are you even trying?" Marmara ignored the boy's commentary and fretted upon her partner's struggle to stand. But what caught her attention more was Geodude's frequent flinching.

It must be due to the sand. "Use Sand Attack once more!"

"Rollout!" By now Marmara learned the boy resorted to brute force and had yet to use any other move other than tackle and rollout. But then again she herself didn't use non-damaging moves until Aipom was in danger. Could it have gone differently had she used sand attack from the start?

The Geodude's sight was now in question, not in line with Aipom. And it gave her an advantage. "Now you can dodge." With ease Aipom stepped aside, the enemy having made a crooked line towards her. "Tail Whip when you can!"

Eee ee! she shrieked in enthusiasm, enjoying the brawl despite her injuries.

Aipom followed and, upon the boulder halting, used Tail Whip.

In frustration the boy repeated his tactics, only for Marmara to take advantage and do the same. "Rollout!"

"Tail Whip!"

"Grab the monkey again! Again!" the youngster hollered his order. He smirked upon Aipom's move being forced to a stop upon the tail being grasped, a vexed Geodude impatient to finish the battle.

Oh no! Not again. Marmara panicked once more, unable to properly think. "G-go Aipom! Get away!"

"No!" the boy shot back, believing he was tasting victory. He pointed at the enemy. "Use rollout!" But upon hurling Aipom forward Marmara still had yet to utilize all of her partner's moveset.

"Let's use bounce if you can!" Aipom's eyes altered from anguish to that of hope, frown now upside down.

The monkey recovered midair, successfully able to immediately bounce high with the aid of her tail upon landing. Geodude grew startled, glancing up to locate its target.

"Rock polish! Rock polish!" the youngster hurried, unaware it knew bounce. Unfortunately it was too late however, for it had no time to polish itself before Aipom came down with a vengeance. The tail whips had worsened the blow, having lowered defenses just enough to...

"What?!" ...faint the Geodude. It slowly rolled on to its back, exhausted and defeated. A small groan escaped their rocky lips, fingers twitching and body rocking back and forth.

"We... did it. We did it. Yes. Yes! Aipom we did it!" Marmara rejoiced, her partner skipping over to her. She climbed up to her shoulder, arms failing to wrap themselves around her forehead.

Marmara lifted her only Pokmon off her shoulders and locked herself in a gentle embrace. It took a mere second before Aipom smirked, enjoying the warmth her trainer gave off.

But victory was sweet, yet fleeting. It was then that Marmara learned of her dear Aipom's chipped two front upper teeth. With this knowledge her joy transformed into that of guilt. After all, she insisted on battling one of Roxanne's trainers. "Oh my god I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry are you Okay? Are your teeth okay?"

Aiiiipom! it cooed, one hand resting on its hip whilst the other adoringly patting Marmara's cheek.

"...Pokmon Center," she mumbled to herself, throwing Aipom into a state of angst. She wasn't a fan of the place.

A-Aiiieee! Aie! she cried in response.

In the background the youngster kicked the rocks around, Geodude now housed inside its pokball. He mumbled, displeased.