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Marmara Ortega
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The Pokémon Center machines worked in the background as trainers healed their partners. Marmara was one of many who had brought a patient of her own, albeit Aipom wasn't ecstatic to be returning.

"Here you go sweetie. Good as new!" Nurse Joy regurgitated the same line. Her arms were wrapped around the monkey's waist, her tail slapping the nurse's shoulder in anticipation of Marmara's own arms. Out of all the teeth, the ones noticeably chipped were the two top middle teeth.

"What about his teeth?" Marmara asked in worry, both her and Aipom's arms simultaneously extending out. Her partner giggled in the reunion as Marmara kept glancing at the nurse, awaiting an answer.

"You can take her to a local dentist to see them. Would you like for me to give you a list of all the dentists in our area? I would be glad to."

"Yes please. If that's okay."

"Of course sweetie." The nurse's thin, nimble fingers click-clacked on the keyboard prior to ambling over to the printer feet behind her. Aipom climbed up to her shoulder, face buried within the nook of her neck out of affection. "Here you go honey."

"Thank you. Very much!" Marmara blurted out, hands gingerly accepting the one warm paper. Without further ado the women parted ways with the trainer leaving the center. Aipom curiously glanced around, never tired of studying the same environment in hopes it changed.

She stood in front of the center, still yet somber. A win was a win in battles, most certainly, but despite that fact she wasnt satisfied. To see Aipom be victorious without so much as a struggle is her goal. What she saw was much different. But then again she must realize it's expected when a novice brawls against such a type matchup. Like her father spoke of, perhaps a new Pokémon is in order.

A mild breeze caressed her skin, scent that of a mixture of greasy junk food and salty sea. She forgets she's near an ocean at times were it not for the outside reminders.

Aipom remained in her position, teeth feeling a tingly sensation as a result of the hard hit they received. Eeeeeeee!

Marmara chuckled, one hand scratching Aipom's back. "Awww my poor baby. We'll get your teeth fixed up, okay?" In response the simian curled her tail around her trainer's arm, content. "Okie dokie, so I guess we need stuff. I'll get potions I guess. I mean we need them if we're going to train some more, right?"

It didn't take long to locate the PokeMart blocks away.

"Do you want anything?" Marmara asked her partner as they entered the cold environment. A blast of wind welcomed them inside accompanied by plenty of chatting voices. Trainers and non-trainers alike littered the store, some followed by their Pokémon.

As if on cue, when a stranger's Bidoof let out a squeal for attention within, Aipom obliged and responded with a cry of her own despite being unable to locate them. Aiiii aiii!

Doof! DOOF. Marmara blushed in embarrassment, head tilted down with eyes barely making out what's in front of her as she navigated through the aisles. "Sssssh, Aipom," Marmara murmured to her companion. But she was more preoccupied with catching a glimpse of the elusive Bidoof, who continued to bellow out calls.

Despite the jungle calls Marmara began to shop. She had picked up an abandoned basket from the pokéball isle and made a bee line towards the potions.

It was busy inside the store with banter in the background. Pokémon, such as the mysterious yet annoying Bidoof, could be made out from the tapping of shoes and cash registers. So much was the load asked of the new employee that a new cash register opened to lessen their load.

After debating how many potions to obtain - four was decided - Marmara placed herself on the shortest cash register line. Aipom surveyed the store, smirking to every passerby.

"She's so cute, awwwwe."

"Hey there cutie!"


"Good evening fellow friend."

"Aiiiee aiiee!" Aaaaaaaipom!

The compliments and attention were never-ending. Marmara would sheepishly smile, yet relieved they cared more for the Pokémon perched on her shoulder than its trainer. The most that came out of her was a mere "Thank you."

As the customers were checked out Marmara eventually reached a small stand that normally housed candy set aside for clearance. On it was an old rod.

Her father's words echoed, And why don't you just catch yourself a water or grass type?

"U-um, you can go ahead," she began prior to turning to face the individual behind her. "I'm still looking." She stepped aside to allow the line to continue, attention now on the old rod.

It was cheap. It was of bad quality. It was rather ugly. But did it work? It IS on clearance, she thought, debating on the purchase. I can get it for cheap now before somebody buys it. If it's bad then I won't feel as bad if I bought it for more.

Marmara grasped the old rod and held it before her.

But I don't know how to fish.

- - - - -

A video played on Marmara's device. Fishing for dummies wasn't that long of a watch either, but the trainer had to repeat its contents to feel better about what she was about to attempt. Not that it really helped, but it did boost her confidence.

She sat on Rustboro's desolate harbor, legs crossed on the middle of the pier. The waters were calm and glistened beneath the clear blue sky. Aipom leaned down the edge of the pier, eyes exploring the life underneath the surface of the water.

Before proceeding to pull out her old rod Marmara quickly glanced around. There was nobody near her. "I... can do this."

The old rod was retrieved from inside her bag. Cracks and the sound of stretched wood greeted the duo. Aipom's ears twitched to the splashes that would land on her, tail wagging in excitement.

"Look Aipom! My first time fishing!" Marmara gushed, somewhat thrilled to be sharing a moment with her only Pokémon. The monkey shot up with her white, chipped teeth glistening within a beaming smile.

Marmara did as the internet instructed her to do. Then, with the snap of her wrists she motioned forward with her hands and...

It broke.

The old rod broke.