Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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    Originally Posted by shinyabsol1 View Post
    When you goto 03ED54, the cursor will move to the place where you need to start changing bytes (or it might be highlighted or something depending on what hex editor you're using -- I'm using HxD). From that point,overwrite bytes with the specified bytes (80 7A).

    So in an unmodified FR ROM, 03ED54 should take you to an 80 byte, followed by 78 81 46 etc...

    So put the 80 7A bytes there. You will end up with 80 7A 81 46 etc...
    Okay, so I've entered all of the bytes. Is that all there is to it? If so, then are the moves in 3rd gen split into Physical and Special moves? Like Shadow Ball is special and Waterfall is physical?
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