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    That's an extreme storyline, not to mention awesome. But, here are my points :
    • The hack's name is "Blue Aura", correct? And the starring Pokémon should be Lugia... I think there should be a lot of mentions of it.
    • Well, I like that style of your story, but I do think the hero/heroine should be a little younger... say, 14.
    • No matter how realistic you try to make it, it's still a Pokémon game. And, a Pokémon game is lovable because it is not so extreme and realistic.
    • I read the whole story, and I like most of all the important points you've made there. But this stuff about gaining control of the world and become evil/non-evil is not that explored here. Stress on a few points, will you?
    • I like that bully part. You've made it sound good.
    • xD, I really think we should have the concept about winning 8 badges and beating the league more strong here.

    ... and that's what I thought about it. I think you've only scratched the surface of the story here, so try not to cover it up again! Of course, I'm not a storyliner like you or JNathan, but I just gave my opinion.

    Okay, so I figured out the Fakedex would be something like this:

    001 - Machop [Evolution level reduced to 20]
    002 - Machoke [Evolves via level 36]
    003 - Machamp
    004 - Elekid [Evolves via level 23]
    005 - Electabuzz [Evolves via level 42]
    006 - Electivire
    007 - Starly
    008 - Staravia
    009 - Staraptor
    010 - (FakemonA) [Normal type, typical rodent like Ratatta, Bidoof, Patrat etc.]
    011 - (FakemonAevo1)
    012 - (FakemonB) [Bug type, typical Caterpillar like Caterpie, Weedle, Wurmple, Sewaddle etc.]
    013 - (FakemonBevo1)
    014 - (FakemonBevo2)
    015 - (FakemonC) [Bird, like Starly, Pidgey, Pidove, Hoot-Hoot etc.]
    016 - (FakemonCevo1) [Will have only one evolution like Hoot-Hoot since Starly is a starter]
    017 - (FakemonD) [Rock type, a custom Pokémon I plan to add]
    018 - (FakemonDevo1) [Gets Grass dual-type]
    019 - (FakemonDevo2)
    020 - Rogenrolla [Returns!]
    021 - Boldore [Evolves at level 45]
    022 - Gigalith [Duh]
    023 - (FakemonE) [Grass type, like Petilil, Oddish, Bellsprout, Budew etc.]
    024 - (FakemonEevo1) [Gets Ghost type upon evolution]
    025 - (FakemonEevo2) [Not the usual creepy ghost, mind you]

    So that's the work so far! And I'm struggling with that hair-raising thing, what about you, Nintendork?

    Team Report:
    So, we have to do this. No choice. Somebody join! We are at lack of people! I think if we get the ball rolling soon we can reap the benefits. JNathan and Fenne-kun, compare notes and finalise the story. Remember not to make it complicated, since it isn't easy to script up big stuff, you know. After that, write a list of sub-events. As for the others, I and Nintendork will get spriting. Me, the Fakemon, him, the trainers. Ace can lend a hand too. Perhaps someone who is good at tile inserting will come by, and then we'll get mapping.

    Yep, none today.