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    Originally Posted by The 100 Mega Shock View Post
    The GBA hardware will only draw sprites up to 64 x 64 pixels.

    Go any bigger and you'll have to work with tiles and tilemaps, which would be an absolute nightmare to both code in the first place and then implement for each Pokémon.
    Originally Posted by HackMew View Post
    No doubt it would be painful, but... you would only need a single tilemap for all the Pokémon. However, even if you succeeded, there would still be problems in the Pokédex etc. because the sprites weren't supposed to be bigger than 64x64 pixels.
    Ah I see why it's hard then...Could the pokédex problem be fixed by a gfx hack to make the box where they're shown bigger or do you mean they wouldn't show up properly? I take it that it would it be the same for the trainer sprites?

    I'll probably just leave it then and just resize any sprites I need to, but anyway, thank you all for the help, it's appreciated.
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