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Water Type Ultimate Challenge - Johto Complete!

So I've been playing Silver on an emulator all day and I've completed Silver.
-The Elite Four weren't terribly difficult because Feraligatr was pretty overleveled.
-Kanto was pathetic
-Red wasn't as hard as I remember. The first time I fought him I got destroyed almost immediately, but the second time was probably the luckiest battle I've ever had. My Pokemon were getting CHs like every other turn and Red's Pokemon were missing a lot. Anyway, here's my final Johto team.


Lvl 62
Strength | Bite | Icy Wind | Surf

Lvl 54
Surf | Spark | Confuse Ray | Take Down

Lvl 53
Thrash | Bite | Hyper Beam | Surf

Lvl 55
Surf | Smokescreen | Dragonbreath | Bubble

Now to play through Sapphire.