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    Random SoulSilver Fire Update #2

    In Goldenrod City I took my first loss from Whitney's Wartortle, that kept using Withdraw just to finish off my team with Water Gun while taking no damage...
    After I beat her on second try I found a Magby in the National Park to add a fourth member to my hot team. I spent some time to train it up to Level 25 and closed the level gap in my team.


    Instead of Sudowoodo I pissed of a Nidorina with my SquirtBottle (what a pervert name!). In Ecruteak City I fought my rival again who had a freaking RAIKOU! But it wasn't as strong as I feared. Afterwards I got the HM03 and defeated Morty and his harem of grandmas.


    Because it's not easy to find a Fire-type Pokemon that can use Surf, I got a Huntail on my way to Olivine City. With my newly caught slave I travelled to Cianwood City to kick Chuck's butt. Instead of Poliwrath he had a Blissey which quickly fell victim to my Infernape's Mach Punch and gave a lot of XP.


    And this is my team after the fifth badge:


    Ultimate Randomized Monotype Challenge:

    Leaf Green (8/8) - SoulSilver (16/16) - Ruby (0/8) - Diamond (0/8) - Black 2 (3/8)