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    A bigger update this time around. After I finished training for Jasmine (during which my Koffing evolved into Weezing) I went to fight Jasmine. Against her first Magnemite I used Gloom to minimize shock damage. However Gloom ultimately was defeated so I brought out Gengar who made short work of both Magnemite before Steelix came out. Steelix destroyed Gengar with one Iron Tail but Qwilfish's Surf won the day. Then I made my way to Mahagony Town beating the various trainers on the way. Went to the Lake of Rage and trashed the Red Gyarados with liberal use of Gengar's Shadow Ball attack. Then went through the Rocket HQ in town and trashed everyone there in short order. Then after parting ways with Lance I went into the gym. Gengar made short work of his Seel and Dewgong and Qwilfish dealt with Piloswine very easily. Currently beating the Team Rocket members at the Radio Tower.
    Current Team: Lvl 37 Male Gengar, Lvl 36 Male Weezing, Lvl 37 Male Crobat, Lvl 37 Female Gloom, Lvl 36 Female Venomoth, Lvl 36 Female Qwilfish