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    Okay, so here's the deal: Nightmare. Has a lot of bugs. DANG THAT STABBED ME IN THE HEART

    No really, it's something normal for all projects, y'know having bugs? Especially in "early" stages, and even more so without anyone to scout them for said errors.

    As of version 1.5.2, I've getting reports on all sorts of trouble: lag, not working trainers in some places, among others.

    Well here's what I need you to do: Beta test like you've never beta tested before.

    In essence, I need Beta-Testers, but above all, I need people who can detail every single error they find while playing. It is of utter importance that details don't go unchecked.

    ANY BUGS, GLITCHES, OR INCONSISTENCIES you find in the beta testing phase ARE important! I like to think I have an eye for detail, but unfortunately I only have the mind for it.

    That being said, these are ALL the links you'll need:

    Mediafire Download Link

    Mediafire Download Link

    1.5.3 PATCH (APPLY RIGHT AFTER 1.5.2)
    Mediafire Download Link

    THIS ISN'T SOMETHING FOR TODAY, OR TOMORROW, OR NEXT WEEK. It's something I would want done calmly, without rushing it, because the more hastily you do it, the more details you'll be overlooking.

    Any people interested in doing this can just straight out post here or wherever else this message is posted. Obviously, any people interested will be credited for doing so. Sorry, I don't get any income from this, nobody else does either. It's just for the well being of the project.

    Okay people, peace out. o/