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    Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
    >Search Rose Bushes
    >Enter through Back Door
    You dip your hands into the bushes, yanking out a few useless toys; a frisbee, a toy plane, a Skiploom-shaped paper doll, several baseballs, basketballs, shot puts, before finally finding something worth noting. It's a baseball featuring the signature of The Electabuzz's star pitcher, Corey Demario. You briefly ponder your luck before pocketing it. You sure hope you don't lose this priceless meal ticket, that will not only pay your rent for the next fifteen years but allow you to actually eat something other than Pokemon food.
    Plump notices something else, but doesn't wish to give it to you. You let her carry the... whatever it is and approach the back door.
    It is old, moldy and rotting. But it is unlocked. You quickly snap a photo of the door and enter the building, Plump faithfully following behind you, carrying her bone, the bus pass, and a mysterious object.
    Inside the back of the house is nothing but graffiti and objects too large to be stolen by random thieves, judging by the tiling and set up of the room. A few drawers are closed and the clear exits are West, leading to the mansion's backyard, South, to the living room, and and East, to the dining room.
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