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Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
Yes, Americans hate the way WW2 ended - We would have rather stormed the country and fought over it inch by inch, resulting in innumerable casualties in both sides.
As I mentioned earlier:
But as true as that may be, I as a human can't help but feel that the lives that would have been lost in any further war would not have been as senseless, nor scarring as those who were not even fighting in the war, yet were taken by one trigger as an act of retaliation and vengeance.
Had the war continued, most of the lives that would have been lost would have been of those who knew they were at risk. Those who expected death. But to use an atomic bomb and kill millions of innocents, women, children, elderly... etc. who didn't expect it is beyond cold. Soldiers die in war, and their deaths are indeed tragic. But innocents should never suffer, even though they do. But to nuke them. No.
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Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
The nukes were used because they caused less loss of life then a conventional ground war would have.
The Nukes were used because "You bombed Perl Harbor? Take this for size." Our leaders are still human and vengeance albeit rare in international affairs, is still in their hearts. Of course that wasn't the only motivation, don't get me wrong, but it was still stirring around in them when the final call was made.
Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
Additionally, it's impossible for Japan to nuke the US. You know why? It's pretty hard impossiable to nuke a country if you don't have a nuke to nuke them with. They didn't have them during WW2, and they don't have them now.
That was a theoretical statement.
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