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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    Have you ever had any dreams with Dawn in it and what happened in the dream?
    ... Is it bad that I have? xD I dreamt once that her Buneary came up to me in a restaurant and kept tugging at my leg (this was in the normal world where Pokémon don't exist, but for some reason I was't surprised at all by the Buneary being there), so I picked it up and tried to return it to it's owner. Then through the power of dreams I was suddenly next to Dawn in a completely white room and handed Buneary to her without her saying anything other than doing that peace-sign gesture she does when saying "No need to worry!". It wasn't really an interesting dream (there's probably more to it that I've forgotten), but it's the only one I've had involving Pokémon characters xD What about you? :o
    I can't really remember if I've had any dreams with her in them at all, but I think she might have been in a few, I just can't remember what she was doing in them XD