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    Originally Posted by apolloman View Post
    heya, any chance sumone would be able to help me with this script?

    yea its for a digimon game. its for a trainer battle that will only happen if the player has the right pokemon. Now the event checks for the pokemon and does everything right wen i dont have the required pokemon, but when i do the battle doesnt start. Im sure im on the right track but i just cant make happen..
    Conditional Branch:  Script:  pbHasSpecies?(::PBSpecies::CELEBI)
        Comment:Battle: Battle me now!
    Comment: Type:traiathlete_FemaleCyclist
    Comment: Name Cindy
    Comment: End Speech: A very good battle, indeed
    Commen: End Battle: Thanks for the battle
    Script: pbtrainerIntro(:TRAIATHLETE_FemaleCyclist
    Script: Kernel.pbNoticePlayer(get-character(0))
    Text Battle me Now
    Conditional Branch: Script pbTrainerBattle(PBTrainers::TRIATHLETE_femaleCyclist, "Cindy",_I("A very good battle, indeed"),false,0)
     exit event
    Branch End
    and edit the things needed so its for your digmon game i jsut did the first example of a battle i could find.
    be sure that u have added the trainer/digimon trainer to the trainer.txt with what he has and that you edited the pokemon.txt and added argumon to it. or it will fail
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