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    This can also start you at a certain location too.

    Hopefully works in all Hoenn Games

    Video -

    (using A-map 1.92, and XSE 1.1.1)
    1. Open the truck map(25.40) place the tile 206 on all the tiles.
    2. Open block editor and edit blocks 206, 20D, 215, and, 21D to be all black.
    3. Go to events and delete person events
    4. Go to header and remove one script by hitting remove.
    5. Change the current script type to '05 On entering map/on menu close'.
    6. Hit open script. delete all lines that don't have '#org' or 'end' in them.
    7. To end up at a warp point, put 'warpmuted 0x* 0x** 0x*** 0x0 0x0' before end
    8. To end up in a chosen space without warp, put 'warpmuted 0x* 0x** 0xFF 0x*!* 0x*^*' before end
    *=map bank #
    **=map #
    ***=which warp on map
    *!*=X position(shown in bottom left status bar on hover in A-map)
    *^*=Y position("same as above")

    Here's an example that would bring you in front of professor birch in his lab
    #org 0x.....
    warpmuted 0x1 0x4 0xFF 0x6 0x5
    All numbers in Hex
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