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    Name: Nathan

    Nickname (Optional): Nath

    Age (10-13): 13

    Sex (Male or Female): male

    Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish.): Minimum of 3 lines if no picture is provided: Dark blue hair that goes down to his eyebrows, usually swept to the side of his head. About 2 1/2 metres tall. Wears a short sleeved black top and a yellow body warmer over the top. Wears brown pants and high top shoes.

    Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?): Likes to keep clean even when the state of things is a discrase. Prefers to be with someone then by himself. He is quite shy and doesn't talk often. He has never been encountered with pokemon before so he has no idea what they were like and doesn't understand why things can't just go back to normal. He doesn't like the sound of finger nails on a blackboard and cringes when someone jabs him in the side of his stomach. He tries to help even when he can do no more, and doesn't like being ordered around, although he willingly does it because he has no self confidence to stand up to whoever orders him around. He feels intimidated by bossy or confident people, or other males apart from his friends, and takes some time to get used to people. He gets along better with girls

    History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events?): Once had an encounter a ghost of a mysterious bird. His mum and dad split up and he never saw them but has allways lived with his uncle in eterna before being escorted to Hearthome. He originally lived in Jhoto's Cianwood city but things there were worse than they are in Sinnoh so he and his uncle moved away to Sinnoh, only to find that Sinnoh was worse. With no boats going back to Jhoto anymore, Nath and is uncle were forced to live in eterna untill the seperation when he was only 7 years old. Ever since he has been forced to work by a secret underground company called 'The power force' who dig up coal to make power in order to survive winter and cold nights, and also to grow food.

    Pokéspirit (No legendaries. Alternate color schemes are allowed.)
    Species: noctowl with red tips fur at the top of its L horn 'things'

    Nickname (Optional):

    Personality (Can be as short or long as you want): Is calm and caring. Likes to calm Nath down when he isn't feeling well. It gets agitated when threatened or sees other flying type spirits

    Moves (Maximum of 6. TM and egg moves are allowed. These are the moves your character gets when they fuse): psychic, shadow ball, hypnosis, reflect, energy ball, roost

    Other (Optional): This is where you put any unique traits, quirks, or additional powers your pokespirit may give your character. If they're based on quirks or abilities the original pokemon had, you have a high probability of being accepted : Heat sensor vision.

    Opening Post (This will be what we use to determine whether your writing skills are good enough. If accepted, you may feel free to copy paste your post here into the IC thread.): I would recommend a minimum of 8 lines and a maximum of 20, but it's your choice.
    Nath opened his eyes and looked into the damp air. It had been another long night of pondering and guessing on what his future would truly be like. He stared at a dirt wall in which he slept in and looked around the underground ruins. There was one things he knew, and the only reason he kept on living, and that was the hope that he would one day see see sunlight once more. He was surprised no-one had come to wake him up already. Surely the guards knew what time it was? It was apparent to Nath that it was certainly daytime, for all his weariness from work had faded away like pouring thin mud into deep holes for a bath. No guards? No work? Just silence. Getting up he noticed the floor had cracked, and was badly damaged. Having no clue on what was going on, he peered out the hole that was between him and work. No-one could be seen, only more cracks in the ground that widened and shortened in a DNA-like pattern, only much more jagged.

    He climbed out the hole and landed on his feet, slightly shaking the ground as his feet pounded against the floor. This is new he thought as bits of rock crumbled from above his filth ridden head. He had not been aware that anything like this had happened during his long slumber, and was cautious and wary wherever he went. Acting upon those statements, he slowly walked down the tunnel, checking every nook and cranny for any clues of what was happening. His only clue was a broken pick axe which stated the name, Flora Newbore, a girls name surely. Nath had no memory of this girl working in the mines, so he kept in mind the name of the girl. He carried on walking

    A sudden shiver overcome Nath, along with the sound of crying. At this point in time, Nath was completely freaked out and didn't want to move at all. He didn't want too, but something else did... He backed away from the source of the sound slowly, only to find that whoever it was crying didn't like that at all, and let out a loud screech. With a gust Nath flew back against the wall behind him, and started to panic. Whatever it was, it didn't want him to leave or come closer but Nath was too freaked to move anyways. After regaining mobility he stumbled and muttered as he tried to find the exit to these ever-twining cave routes. It didn't matter to him what direction to take, he just had to chose the way he didn't come from and surely he could leave and see day light? right?

    At first, luck seemed to be on Nath's side, as the route he took linked to the public underground area of the whole of Sinnoh, better yet, he was still in Hearthome. That luck seemed to just disappear when dozens of bird ghosts surrounded him, screaming and yelling out his name in a bird type of way. They spiraled him and teased him as he tried to escape the horror he was currently in. There was no escape. Nath fell to is knees and covered his ears. He could see all the walls cracking with every sound wave the ghosts produced. Nath couldn't move, he was paralyzed with fear. Until a miracle happened. The birds were swished away and turned into nothing more than dust and another similar bird came forth to wipe out the remaining specimens. The ghost looked into Nath's eyes before he fainted, out cold in a collapsing mine shaft

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