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@Crimson0191: Woah. I refreshed from when you first put an app up and found that you've indeed fixed a lot of things. There are some grammar issues, but I think we can overlook that. The extremely big issue remaining however is actually a new one. Animals don't exist. Pokemon are the animals of the pokemon world, and they're extinct.

That being said, your character has the choice of some sort of vegetarianism or cannibalism as humans are literally the only thing made of meat left. (Vegetarians are more common, but it's very hard to survive on that diet, so they tend to be in rather poor health.)

The one other thing I'd like to mention is that 2.5 meters translates to roughly 8'2'' or 8'3''. That would mean your character suffers from gigantism and dwarfs even the tallest of adults, nearly twice the size of any player characters in the RP currently. Did... you mean to do that? The average adult height is maybe somewhere between 5'8'' feet (1.73 meters) and 6 feet (1.83 meters)

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