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    Edit: Please scroll down to bottom of page for updated list and requests!!! Thanks! :)

    Hi guys! I was wondering if you could rate my team and levels. I recently just scrapped by and defeated the 8th Unova gym, and I feel a bit worried. Am I under leveled, and how is my team?

    #1: Skarmory Level 42
    -Careful Nature
    -Sturdy Ability
    -Knows Air Slash, Spikes, Fly, and Steel Wing.
    -Item Sharp Beak.

    #2: Arcanine Level 43
    -Careful Nature
    -Intimidate Ability
    -Knows Fire Blast, Fire Fang, Flame Burst, and Extreme Speed.
    -Item Oran Berry

    #3: Liepard Level 45
    -Brave Nature
    -Ability Unburden
    -Knows Assurance, Slash, Shadow Claw, and Night Slash.
    -Item Expert Belt

    #4: Floatzel Level 44
    -Gentle Nature
    -Ability Swift Swim
    -Knows Surf, Strength, Razor, and Aqua Tail.
    -Item Exp. Share

    #5: Virizion Level 47
    -Hasty Nature
    -Ability Justified
    -Knows X-Scissor, Retaliate, Giga Drain, and Sacred Sword
    -Item: None.

    #6: Fraxure Level 44
    -Brave Nature
    -Ability Rivalry
    -Knows Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, and False Swipe
    -Item Draco Plate

    I am feeling like I am under leveled, what should I do? And what moves should I teach my pokemon? Thanks!

    Also, I JUST caught Cobalion, so if he should go anywhere please say so. I used Virizion because it was better than my serperior. I am in the last town for a gym badge.