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    6.5/10 It's quite effective for some causes, but it has quite some (horrendous) flaws. Not trying to make it sound bad, but I'm emphasizing on how it's gonna fare against the rest of the game with it's current state.

    For your levels, at this rate, you'll be crawling your way up against the elite for. So yeah, you are underleveled. It's normal though, because you have a full team of 6. For the first league, you'll have to get an average of around lv50-52. But with what your current team is, you'll even have to force it to around 54-55. But don't worry, the major flaws could be "fixed", and you could beat the league with levels averaging only at around 48-50.

    Let's start with your Arcanine, which I find as the "weakest link"....
    Too many fire moves. This means he's only effective against pokemon that are already uncommon late-game. I'd suggest giving him Wild Charge (Victory Road) before entering the League. If your Sp. Atk is higher than your Atk, get rid of Fire Fang. Otherwise, Flame Burst. If the difference is less than around 15 points, doesn't matter.

    Thunder Fang/Crunch(egg move) instead of Fire Fang/Flame Burst would've been better, too, since Fire Blast is more than enough as your STAB attack (if you want insurance, bring some ethers or use PP UP)... but don't redo anything now XD just keep it in mind next time. You'll be getting Wild Charge soon anyway. That alone should be enough to patch up a big hole in your Arcanine.

    If you have a Sunny-day setter, you could even include Solarbeam to your roster -- getting rid of the rock/ground types your Arcanine would fear. I'm not actually sure when you could acquire either of those TMs though >_<

    Now, moving on to your other pokemon...

    Looks perfect, actually. Doesn't need patching at all. If you're having a hard time against dragons, Skarmory could wall them for a bit -- and if that's the case, throwing Toxic to it's moveset would help a lot as it's current one has nothing good against dragons.

    Ah, this is another Arcanine. Assurance, Shadow Claw, and Night Slash in one moveset is like 3 fire-type moves. They're redundant. Get rid of Assurance, even Slash if you want.

    Liepard's quite a good support. With T.Wave, it should help the rest of your team handle tough opponents such as Dragons fairly. Add Sunny day, and your Arcanine would kick ass. Otherwise, there's not much left for it to contribute in the team (it's learnset is really limited)... so Toxic and U-turn would be your late-game alternatives.

    Ah, what's he doing with 2 HMs? Well, not that they're bad... they're just in the way from making this weasel totally badass. I'd suggest getting rid of Surf. Replace with Ice punch for more versatility. Brick Break could totally replace Strength as well. Sure, it's a *bit* weaker, but fighting type alone covers so much more pokemon -- ice, rock, dark, normal, steel. You wouldn't pass that up, would you? I think Brick Break's a post-credit TM, though. cmiiw.

    You could teach it Ice Punch from that move reminder in Driftveil. You'll need some red shards, though. The Pokecenter in Nimbasa has an NPC who's willing to give a few for free. Razor Wind kinda seems like a filler too, so I'm gonna suggest Bulk Up over it.

    Great. lol. Although that's how it'd naturally look like after being caught. double lol. All I have to say is replace Retaliate with Swords Dance at level 49 (when it learns it)

    Well, this one seems very, uh, fresh. Get rid of Pulse and Swipe. You don't need them at all (he has crap Sp. Atk too, so Dragon Pulse won't do a thing... not to mention that Dragon Dance only boosts Atk). Now, once it becomes a Haxorus, having it as an Earthquake-r for your team will be the greatest idea.

    Superpower or Lowkick would make it's moveset look great too...although you might now be thinking...
    uh... then you could just keep Outrage and Dragon Claw in the same moveset. Dragon attacks are awesome, anyway, so why not?

    have fun!
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