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    Ok, here is a majorly update dated list, with a few lacking slots. Sorry to ask of you, but this team is for the elite 4 and I need advice! Let's start off from the top! *Note that I am right about to enter the first cave to victory road.

    NOTE: I currently have captured Cobalion and Terrakion. Should I use these?

    First Section: Pokemon that will stay in the party, unless advised otherwise.

    #1 Haxorus Level 57
    +Dragon Dance, +Sword Dance, +Dragon Claw, -False Swipe (Needs replacement)

    #2 Skalon Level 54. Looks pretty good to me, no changes from above.

    #3 Floatzel Level 53 I am iffy about this one, not positive.
    -Knows Surf, Ice Beam, Aqua Tail, Ice Punch

    #4 Virizion Level 54. Awesome, will be staying.

    #5(?) Temporary/Unsure - Banette level 51

    Replacement Group

    #1 Arcanine Level 46. Unless I can get some killer moves, I don't think he'll serve me good use.

    Looking for Dark Type replacement or good suggestion for elite 4 fight.

    Empty Slots:
    1, or 2 if Arcanine goes.

    Throh Level 55
    Gurrdur Level 53
    Pawniard Level 44
    Mienfoo Level 44
    Piloswine Level 44
    Crustle Level 42
    Drifblim Level 39
    Magnezone Level 39
    *Numel Level 31(possible power level for elite 4?)

    Edit: if anyone could trade me some pokemon that would be cool too. I am very new so I don't know exactly how to trade but I think I got the gist of it.