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The battle between me and N was really quick. I leveled my Venus with rare candies to get her to evolve. Venus is a fierce Dewott.

Venus | Mild | Level 17

It was a OHKO to his Purrlion with Razor Shell. After his defeat I decided to release all the Lillipups and Patrats that I had caught earlier to make room for new Pokemon. They're now back with they Pokemon families on Route 1. I didn't stay in Accumula Town that long. There wasn't much to do anyway. I planned on rushing through Route 2, but my mom called me on the Xtransceiver. She apparently wanted to talk to me, but all of the sudden wanted to hang up. After I turned the Xtransceiver off my mom was standing behind me. Stalker much?!

I got some running shoes from her. (Thanks Mom! :D) This will make getting around faster, eh. She left as fast as she got there and I ran through the grass. I only ran into one Lillipup, but I just ran away. I didn't want to beat it up.

I battled 3 trainers on Route 2. The first one was Youngster Jimmy and he had a Patrat. LAMEST POKEMON EVER. Razor Shell took care of it quickly. Poor Youngster Jimmy. :P Second was a girl named Lass Mali and her Purrloin. Another OHKO with Tackle this time. Last is Youngster Roland and his Lillpup. Another fast win with Venus's Water Gun. Before I could get to Striaton City, Bianca shows up asking for a battle. I defeated both her Pokemon in no time.

First thing I do is get Venus healed at the local Pokemon Center. Then, I head for the gym and a man outside the Striaton Gym says that the gym leader was last seen at the Trainers' School. So, I head over there and who do I find? My other best friend, Cheren. He's studying about battle items or something. He wants to battle me so, I beat him and go back to the gym to yell at the man from earlier because the gym leader wasn't there like he said he was. As I get closer to the gym I see that the man from before is gone and in his place is a younger green haired fellow. I figure he's probably the gym leader. He tells me I should train up at Dreamyard.

To be continued...
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