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Small update.
Reinserting the maps and scripts are already done.
Font is changed and the physical/special split has been added.

I'm editing the trainers now.


Originally Posted by pokemonpal7 View Post
How long will the new ROM take? I'm looking forward to getting a Tauros.
It'll take me a while.
Also, I am restarting the hack, so if ever a new beta's available, you guys will have to start over.

Originally Posted by glitchguy View Post
Not sure if its only in my game but whenever i try to save the game it doesn't save...
I can save just fine.
It's probably your emulator causing the problem, probably with the settings.

Originally Posted by Fire Flyy View Post
the palletes sort of hurt my eyes a bit, the colors are pretty bright and they clashed.
I'll see if I can adjust them.
For now though, the palletes are not a top priority.

Originally Posted by bluedeedrocks View Post
Why can't I surf at the place where I meet the guy with the OW from Gold/Silver?
'Cause the maps aren't ready yet.
This is still a beta game.

Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
Destinedjagold, there's an error with the OW of N when I was about to leave the forest. Here's a video of it.http://
I'll fix that.

Originally Posted by Benesja View Post
Zangoose in route 2-B or 2-a?
Route 2-B.

Originally Posted by Benesja View Post
you should really fix the level 10 problems because all the gym leaders are having level 10 pokemon.
Yeah, I should.
Problem is, my theory about the bug is wrong, so in short, the only solution of mine is to restart hacking the game again.

Originally Posted by sethiey View Post
i was wondering if i could do a Let's Play of it for my youtube channel or even make a video about the glitches i've found.

no one's stopping you though.
you can make videos of the game if you want.

Originally Posted by war rock exe View Post
I wont try it until it's complete though :)
It will probably take me a whole lot of while to finish this game.