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Originally Posted by Z-THE-MASTER-OF-POKEMON View Post
I just said that maybe he could remove sunkern and sunflora and replace them with glaceon and leafeon.......
Also he could make eevee evolve in leafeon via leaf stone
And a female eevee into glaceon with water stone(male for vaporeon)
AND I also mentioned that maybe he could make a cave (like a EON cave) with all the eeveelutions in it .

Oh and DJG if you still think it can't work then I will leave it be.................awesome hack so far
Why can't you just read... I already said it wouldn't be possible to evolve them from Eevee!
Eevee has 5 evolutions and that's most you can get.
It's impossible to have 7 evolutions of one Pokémon in 3rd game.
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